Do any of you like to work at solving puzzles? IF you do read on here .. at age 78 I MUST be aging .. this is my only explanation for this writing.

Here in my Union Mansion in Kowloon ..



On (this is important) the GROUND FLOOR there are three (3) elevators.


In the above photo .. the yellow sign is in front of the center of the three GROUND FLOOR elevators. The yellow sign indicates that the center elevator was out-of-service for maintenance. This center elevator serves ALL SIXTEEN floors.

Back to the above photo.  The far elevator ONLY serves the ODD numbered floors.  The closest elevator ONLY serves the EVEN numbered floors.

On the rest of the 16 floors there are only TWO elevators.


So all of the floors here at the Union Mansion have two elevators. One-of-the-two will be the center elevator (the center elevator on the GROUND floor) serving all sixteen floors. The second elevator will be either the odd numbered floor elevator or the even numbered floor elevator.


So IF you are going to the ground or street level floor you grab any elevator you can. Below you can see from the floor-indicator-display that you KNOW which elevator is at which floor.


SO? So this! It became .. more-or-less .. a guessing game until I took-notes for the three floors that I use here in my very own Union Mansion. Those being the 6th floor .. the 8th floor .. and the 15th floor.  For instance on the 15th floor I noted in my little pad of paper that the LEFT elevator served only the odd floors and the right elevator was the elevator serving ALL 16 floors.

SO? So this! IF I am on floor 15 and I am heading to floor 8 .. I have to know that the proper elevator was the ALL FLOORS elevator since the odd-only floor elevator (the left one on the 15th floor) would NOT take me to floor 8.  Standing on floor 6 wanting to go to the 15th floor again I had to know which was the ALL FLOORS elevator since the other elevator on the 6th floor only served even numbered floors NOT the 15th floor.

So here I was .. equipped with my notes about which elevator was which on the 6th .. the 8th and the 15th floors.

PUZZLE SOLVED .. it has taken me only two weeks to solve this puzzle rated as-distinctly-possible for an 8-year-old third grade student to solve in two days time! I now no longer need my getting-worn-out pad of notes. Little pad of notes is sad.

IF I am on an ODD NUMBERED floor the RIGHT elevator is the ALL FLOORS elevator because the ODD floor elevator is to the LEFT of the ALL FLOORS elevator on the ground floor.  IF I am on an even numbered floor .. the LEFT elevator is the ALL FLOORS elevator because on the ground floor the even numbered elevator is on the RIGHT of the ALL FLOORS elevator.


Just punch BOTH elevator call-buttons and then IF you get onto the wrong elevator just WALK UP OR DOWN A FLOOR!

Yes I must be getting old.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

LOOK THE WRONG WAY AND YOU MAY DIE! or worse be injured and crippled the rest of your life.

In the United States we drive on the right side of the road.  Here (and in most of the world) they drive on the left side of the road. So IF I turn to my LEFT to look for traffic .. which I am programmed to do since I have been looking left all of my life! .. I may get hit by a car or fast moving truck or bus coming at me from my RIGHT.

OBVIOUSLY I am NOT the only human being here in Hong Kong with this critical life-and-death issue.


And wouldn’t you know it .. to prove my point I myself ALMOST got hit by a taxi cab as I was snapping the below photo.  Count five and you die!


I mean I snapped the photo and he blasted past me!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Why is it that some of us .. all of us?  .. in the U.S. think we have the answers for the world?  Look at the below photos for a phenomenal space saving idea!


Above and below are photos of the shopping carts that are available for patrons of my local super market.  The above system is common and NOT unique to my local market.  Do you all see how neatly and COMPACTLY they all fit together?


I KNOW you may not understand from the above two photos what I mean.  OK look below to see how they fit together to make a usable shopping cart.


Did you read my Post about my Orange Juice Adventure.  Below is a bottle of my Orange Juice.  Doesn’t it look so innocent there?  But it is planning on ways to cause me to spill it and thus torment me!


Moving right along here will you all notice the large 5 Litre bottle of water below.


Well I needed a washing basin for hot water. I did NOT bring with me .. to save space .. the small washing basin that I ALWAYS travel with. Some of you wonder what-on-earth I DO all day? Well I cut off the bottom of a 5 Litre water bottle off to make a nify washing basin for myself.


Did I just say NIFTY!  

NO ‘ZILLA! I do NOT wash with Orange Juice! I put the Orange Juice into the new washing basin so you all could see it clearly.




Oh Hi Lychee and Precocious Canda Goose!

And I did NOT spill one single solitary drop of Orange Juice when I poured it back into its bottle because to avoid the Orange Juice mess just-waiting-to-happen I first poured the Orange Juice .. one-cup-at-a-time .. into my green Tupperware glass and then pinching the flexible Tupperware glass eased it back into its bottle.

Moving right along here.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – 

I am adding the below photos to my previous Post about my Union Mansion.  Life keeps happening and IF I wait until a Post is perfect there will be NO Posts NO NOTHING.

Below is a photo (sans people) of the common area when Patti and I were in Room 1505 here on the 15th floor of the Union Mansion.



We really do have companions when we stay in back packers hostels.


All of their shoes neatly and carefully lined-up on the floor beside their rooms. I don’t know if it is me and I am being overly sentimental  .. but I see the love and the care in the careful setting of their shoes in the hallway and it touches my soul.


Below looking back at the entry door.


In general I can say that far and away people are super friendly and social.  NOT 100% always but usually.


They were here from Malaysia for a family wedding.  SHADDY I thought of you when they REALLY tried to get me to join them for a tall cold can of beer or a cup of wine!

Here you go SHADDY!


Details Shaddy .. YES .. it has come and it has gone but Patti and I thought of you.  Patti is always amazed at how .. sooner or later .. I find a place for photos I take.


What do I do all day and NIGHT?  For one thing I work at putting up Posts.

This will be it.  Good Night and Good Morning America and neighboring Nations.  Thanks PATTI for proofing this.


3 thoughts on “DEC 1, 14 .. HOMY INN .. UNION MANSON .. AND FUN STUFF ..

  1. Patti

    Loved the post … you wrote on a piece of paper for me which elevator to get into in the Homy Inn to get to the various floors and I carried that piece of paper with me in my pocket the entire time I was there, and looked at it each time before getting into an elevator! …and the efficient little shopping carts, what a great space-saving idea. Glad you clarified for Zilla that you do not wash your face with orange juice! The shoes in the hallway were very sweet. Again, loved the post!! Keep your eyes out for those cars and buses coming from the RIGHT!! Patti

    1. Cap

      I pretty much completely wore-out my own little note pad with the directions as to which elevator is which with regard to the even and odd numbered floors. ALL go to the ground floor. I practically got-into-it at the Wellcome (NOT Welcome but Wellcome as is .. Well Come On In) Market because the store manager did NOT want me taking any photos. So I got one photo on different visits always watching out for her. So happy you liked this Post. Cap ..

  2. Shaddy Peters

    Who doesn’t like to be thought of and to see their name in print????????????? Thank you for thinking of me at the mention of beer!!!! I appreciate that.

    It’s late in the day so my mind is balking at all you wrote about the three elevators. Thank God that I rarely have to use one, let alone be confronted with three of them on a regular basis. I’m amazed that you figured it out….sounds quite mind boggling for the average Joe.

    Take care and like Patti reminded you, always LOOK RIGHT!!


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