I hope you all know that I am dating these Posts just to be agreeable and to coincide with the time-of-day of my server in Utah.  My real time is Wednesday Morning the 3rd of December 2014 at 6:14 AM here in Kowloon .. Hong Kong .. The SAR .. China. In Utah it is still DEC 2nd .. so my above date just matches my server’s time. Make any sense to even one reader here? I doubt it.

Winter .. almost suddenly it seems to me .. has come to Hong Kong. Last night I went to my 7PM Tuesday Evening meeting here at the Mariners’ Club in Kowloon.  No ‘Zilla .. this is NOT the one photo.


On the walk to the meeting it was kind-of-sort-of feeling like it might rain. When I came out of the meeting just after 8PM it was NOT raining .. OH NO .. it was pouring cats and dogs. So having all of my necessary items to keep myself occupied for literally hours-on-end (Address Lists .. Pens and Clipboard .. Post Cards all stamped and RTG ..) I sat in the wonderful lobby of the Mariners’ Club and wrote some post cards.  Then about 9:30PM it finally calmed down to a heavy rain-like mist.  Going outside into the black of a winter Hong Kong night was now DOABLE.

This is the real deal.  A dark and rainy drizzly misty night in Hong Kong .. NO tourists out on the street let me tell you all! So off I went to my most favorite restaurant here in Hong Kong.


They The Staff KNOW ME .. As I walk in I just say to-the-spiritual-wind .. “No shrimp tonight.” .. “They know I mean that I want Singapore Rice Noodles HOLD the shrimp.”  NO ‘Zilla .. neither of these photos are the one photo.


NOW to the one-photo-that-says-it-all.  The below photo says .. I belong here .. The below photo shows that indeed I am part of the scene here in my favorite restaurant .. I am welcomed here .. I AM ONE-WITH-THEM !

As I was INTENSELY CHOWING DOWN on my Singapore Rice Noodles .. one of the waiters sat down beside me at my table and actually JOINED ME.


That he was willing to have me shoot the above photo also says something.  It has taken some twenty plus years of eating here to achieve the above photo.  We are not talking about fame-overnight here sports fans. Oh No!  This is Asia and I am NOT Asian but in some small way now I DO belong .. at least here in my favorite restaurant.


Smiles .. Cap

I said to the above young man .. “Son what on earth are you doing! Eating with a FORK! Son this is CHINA.  We here in China eat with CHOP STICKS!” 

They think that they understand English but I know better.  Undaunted he and I went right back to chowing down on our Singapore Rice Noodles.  I did say to him .. “You like?” .. He nodded a positive YES!

Oh Lord God Of Abraham .. I am SO BLESSED!  THANK YOU SO MUCH!

7 thoughts on “DEC 2, 14 .. SOMETIMES ONE PHOTO SAYS-IT-ALL ..

    1. Cap

      I posted you and Lon a most interesting IF very intense post card today .. Wednesday the 3rd. At the bottom of the post card below the address area I implored the International Mail as follows: Int’l mail listen up! Don’t lose this card. Pulleze!

      So you and Lon be on the watch for it. You WILL know it when it arrives.

  1. Patti

    If I had not just had half of a salmon filet and half of a yam, the Singapore Rice Noodle pictures would have made me salivate. I KNOW how good it is. I am grateful to have had first had knowledge and experience with it! And I also have first hand knowledge of how enthusiastically everyone welcomes you there at Yuen’s restaurant. You DO have your followers all around the world. I am humbled to be on the team!!! Loving you. Patti

    1. Cap

      Thank You My Dear One!

      Oh My Forgive Me For I Have Sinned. The other night at our A+ Neighborhood Restaurant I ordered something different .. very good but different. Stir fried beef tenderloin with sweet and sour onion sauce with two side orders of plain white rice. It most certainly was very good BUT it was NOT Singapore Rice Noodles. The magic for me of Singapore Rice Noodles is amazing.

  2. Cap

    I received an interesting e-mail comment as follows: That the young man was confident he could just sit down and join me .. as in no big deal to do that .. says something about how I come across as being comfortable to them. In Asia you have courtesy and you have polite manners .. but both can and both usually are done-at-a-distance in a somewhat formal and cold manner. I am experiencing a certain WARMTH from them. That I slap hands with them in the ‘High-Five’ gesture .. including with the two cooks .. says a lot to them. I feel honored and I feel humble at this turn-of-events. Smiles .. Cap

  3. Cap

    I too was stunned when I saw him shoveling his food into his mouth with a FORK! And as I wrote .. I basically said to him .. “What are you doing eating with a fork?” .. He did not even respond. I think he was hungry AND with a fork you CAN eat much more food much quicker. Thanks for the comment .. Smiles .. Cap

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