A MOVE IS A MOVE IS A MOVE .. Be it from one room to a room next door.  Be it from one floor to another.  Be it from one building to another. Be it from one city to another. You get the idea! A move takes time and a move takes effort.

It can be a simple matter of .. IT IS WHAT IT IS .. or it can be one big HASSLE! 

As with all of life .. ACCEPTANCE OF REALITY IS VITAL to maintaining one’s positive attitude.  Remember ..


And yes! Oh YES!  I am getting just a tad road-weary with all of these moves.

I am absolutely totally POWERLESS over my situation.  This Friday I will be moving again out of the HOMY INN and into the Chung King Mansion!

And now MY BUDDY Andy here at the HOMY INN in Kowloon has me moving yet again!  In my humble opinion four words sum up Andy ..



This move is from the 15th floor out of Room 1507 up in the Penthouse area of the HOMY INN down to the 6th floor and into Room 607.

To refresh your memory .. below is one photo of Room 1507. Basically Room 1507 was a ‘sparkler’ of a room. Bright .. Fresh .. Airy .. wonderful. I petitioned Andy to just let me stay in Room 1507.  My petition was to no avail.


– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


Below you see Room 607 on the 6th floor of the Union Mansion here in Kowloon. You are looking at the foot-of-my-DOUBLE BED!


Oh Yes! There Is A Window Beyond The Drapes In The Above Photo!


You may recall that my former room on the 6th floor .. Room 601 .. had a single bed and had NO window.


Back to Room 607.  I have walked to the bed and turned around 180 degrees and the below photo looks out into the hallway.


Looking (below) at the head of my double bed.


From the head of my bed looking back towards the foot of my bed.  Yes! Good news I have a Televsion set (on the right) .. BUT (bad news) I haven’t found an effective English Language channel.


Looking back towards the head of my bed. In the background to the right of the below photo is the necessary room.  You are looking directly at a floor-to-ceiling mirror so it is a tad confusing.


SHADDY .. do you see my silver camera on the right edge of the photo?  This made me think of one of your photos on the cruise ship where you took a photo holding your red camera away from your body.

Shaddy .. do you see what I have-to-live with.  This man HAS A MEMORY! /signed/ PATTI 99501 ..

The necessary room has floor-to-ceiling mirrors on three of the walls.  I mean to tell you all! The mirrors drastically ENLARGE the feeling of the bathroom.


The mirrors do make for a confusing photograph BUT I can live with that!

The mirror walls are absolutely PHENOMENAL!


Several photos out of the window beside my bed.


Looking up .. which is the view that I see sitting in bed.


Looking down .. a view I have to go out of my way to see.


Patti you are not imagining it.  Winter has come here to Hong Kong. Some rain and darker overcast skies.  When you left us you took the sun with you.  I miss you.

As I sign off I will make a pronouncement!  Room 607 is THE BEST ROOM SO FAR!  It nudges out Room 1505 because it is larger and its floor plan is much better.  The bathroom in Room 607 is above-the-beyond with the mirror walls.


3 thoughts on “DEC 3, 14 .. THE HOMY INN .. UNION MANSION ..

  1. Patti

    Maybe Andy keeps moving you just to get your feedback on a number of the different rooms at the Homy Inn! It is interesting to see the views from your new Room 607. Sitting at the computer on the sixth floor, I had been able to see some of the rooms on the 6th floor as they were cleaning, but I had never seen out of one of the windows on that floor. Thanks for the new experience!! I did actually find one english channel on the TV when I was there … it is a news channel about 2/3 of the way up on the selections … For What Its Worth!!!
    Love, Patti

    1. Cap

      I think the deal on moving around is this: All of these backpacker hostels are NEITHER USED TO NOR DO THEY SERVE guests who stay more than the traditional night-or-two. I asked Andy for a ‘monthly’ rate and Andy drew-a-blank. So .. with the influx and outflux of the one or two night visitiors .. when the HOMY INN is filled or booked to capacity .. I simply have to move. Then again some repeat visitors (such as I WILL be) will specifically ask for certain rooms by number! So Andy and Ken are juggling rooms like crazy.

      Smiles and Joy and thanks for the proof reading here .. Love .. Cap

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