Why is it that something so mundane and so ordinary that I would NEVER stop to photograph it nor to ponder it for a few moments in the United States .. Just grabs my attention here?

Today just outside of my Sheung Wan (Shen Wan) Metro Station here in Hong Kong the below scene just stopped me cold in my tracks and I stopped to just enjoy it and to snap a few photographs.




I cannot answer my own rhetorical question. Could it be that the above peaceful and serene scene just transported me for a moment away from the scene that I was about to encounter and about to be swallowed up by as I entered into the MTR system?



Could it be that the flower ladies helped to reorient my mind so that I could serenely deal with what was about to swallow me up? As you can see by the blur of the people below .. they are moving and they are moving fast!

The train doors are open and it is get on the train time!



Ah-h-h we are now on the train and in this peaceful moment we can all relax and enjoy what IS!

On the train there is NOT much frantic movement until it is time to get off the train!


As much as I am loving it all I do NOT BELIEVE FOR ONE MOMENT THAT what I am experiencing and thriving upon here would necessarily give each of you the same sensation!

We will close with a another serene scene.



6 thoughts on “FEB 10, 15 .. TODAY’S RHETORICAL QUESTION ..

  1. Patti

    What a contrast … the quiet peace and serenity of the women gently handling the flowers, and the frantic and determined crowd getting onto the MTR. Reminds us all that in chaos we CAN find peace! Hugs. Patti

    1. Cap

      THAT was the message .. In Chaos there can BE PEACE .. that I received as I pondered it? As YOU always marvel .. I do seem to find places for photos! When I snapped them I had no idea of how I would work them in nor of their message .. Love ..

  2. zilla

    Wednesday, February 11, 2015 – noon – PDT

    HI Cap,

    A question for you: As you and I have traveled in many countries including Germany and England, and as we know the Brits always “queue-up”, very polite, and stand in line in a very organized fashion; but our German friends shall, we say are just the opposite and really do not line up, but plow a head (as my lovely wife is German she completely agrees with me) – so my question for you, as you have indicated there are a whole bunch of people waiting to get on (and off) the MTR, how would you rate the crow – organized and polite and orderly; or just the opposite? And of course, if the train is packed, how do you get off at your station? A nice comparison of the ladies assembling flowers as compared to the crow on the MTR!

    Other news, your ACES are not doing so well this year. Do you check on their progress while in HK; or your Detriot Red Wings?

    A second note, the AHL is moving two teams from the East Coast to the West coast. So the Reigns will be a team in the AHL representing the LA Kings;
    and another team is moving to San Diego and will represent the LA Ducks. A news conference will be held this afternoon before tonight’s came which I will attend. A big step for the Reigns being part of the AHL. The current team from the East coast will move to Ontario with the same players but will keep the name, the REIGNS. Very nifty!!

  3. Cap

    I am so pleased that .. with all you have on-your-plate .. you find time to keep up with my posts. THANK YOU so much ..

    On a zero to ten .. on a 0 to 10 scale .. I rate these people right up near or actually at the TOP. They have a rule. The people leaving the train come out in the center of the door .. more or less .. single file .. and have a green arrow indicating this .. those entering come in on the two sides. At the same time due to the enormous crowding there is .. and there HAS GOT TO BE .. SOME PUSHING AND SOME SHOVING too.

    STRATEGY .. when you KNOW your exit station .. you board with that strategy to get off the train. I number each of the five doors in each of the 8 cars with a door number .. Car 1 Door 1 is 1.1 .. and 1.2 and 1.3 (the middle door) and 1.4 and lastly the last door in car 1 is 1.5. I pick the train car and the door number to coincide with my last exit stop.

    I KNOW that coming into Tsim Sha Tsui from Central that I want to be in Car 7 at door 7.3 to exit right at the up escalator! Coming into Tsi Sha Tsui from Mong Kok I want to be at door 2.3 .. etc ..

    And exiting from Tsim Sha Tsui into Central to switch to the blue line I want to be in Car 1 at Door 1.1 so I can exit and dart to my right and trot for the blue line to Sheung Wan.

    NOT following the ice hockey ..

    Quite the (NIFTY) news about the AHL doing some expanding or reorganizing .. Smiles .. Cap ..

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