No I am not ‘sleepless in Seattle’ I am sick in Seattle.

Sick: Binge vomiting all night.

Sick: Diarrhea all night. Horrible diarrhea all night.

Sick: I could NOT .. I could NOT find my way back to my bed on Grego’s couch after my first vomiting / diarrhea episode. Finally I accidentally woke Greg up because I kept bumping into doors and walking into closets in the dark. I was then able to get my ever present flashlight attached to my shirt so that for the rest of the night I could find my way to / and return from my 15-minute to 30-minute visits to the toilet.

I may never again in this lifetime eat any more Kalmati Olives nor Humus with corn chips. My tuna sandwich with chopped-up celery hearts that I made myself seemed to go down well. The toast was dark and crispy to my choice. The Gatorade I drank seemed to go down very well.

Then I got into the Kalmati Olives and the Humus with corn chips.

And then I went loop-de-loop downward. I have no question it was the Kalmati Olives and Humus with corn chips that laid-me-low!

YES! The Seattle Washington Space Needle is still here.


“Captain! We thought you were sick sick and sick!”

I shot the above photos on the way into Seattle from the airport BEFORE  I got deathly ill.

I got deathly ill from eating dinner last night (the evening of Tuesday May the 24th).

As a visitor I get 30-minutes here on the computer. I am also assisting Greg to find and to navigate my web sites.


This is all that I have time to post.

And? I have ‘jet lag’ to deal with.

Still Smiling .. Cap ..

2 thoughts on “MAY 25, 16 .. SICK IN SEATTLE

  1. Patti

    I was so sorry to hear you say on the phone this morning that you had been sick during the night … what a way to spend your first night (in 19 months) with boots (actually sneakers) on the ground in America. I think it may have been the hummus … have heard others say that they have had diarrhea after eating hummus. Of course, it could have also been triggered by the kalmati olives … you do NOT eat those in moderation! See you tomorrow in Seattle!!! Love and hugs. Patti

  2. Jeanne Follett

    Cap, this seems to happen to you quite often. Have you been thoroughly checked by an internist? Maybe checked for parasites? Food allergies?

    A sample during these occurrences might provide some clue.

    You probably have antibiotics to take when necessary, but it seems to me that food poisoning strikes you far too frequently.

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