This is a God Story about one of God’s Eskimos. A whacky, whacked-out, exhausted, Danish World Traveler.

Sorry to see you go Gully. Oh well. I have saved you from the God stuff.

This theme, You Believe / You Don’t Believe, keeps running through my life.

Is the message that I received last night just a coincidence?

Sure it is! If you Don’t Believe.

Is it a nudge from some unknown greater power?

Sure it is! If you Believe.

My AL FAREJ HOTEL has one great lobby. Well I Believe it is one great lobby.


These two photos show the employee’s part of the lobby. They own this part. It truly is theirs.


Looking to the right from the above photo you see the below view of the lobby. I am calling this area encompassed by the light beige davenports MY LOBBY.

dscn00201Looking back you see the below view. Notice in the above and below photos MY TABLE, the table located in front of the light beige davenports. Focus upon the light beige davenports. Notice they are unoccupied. Notice also the sinister looking black vinyl davenport to the far right. It is NOT mine nor is it part of MY LOBBY.dscn00211

I have mentioned that the WiFi in my room has been very weak the past few nights. So to solve this problem I have moved to MY TABLE and begun to do my Posts downstairs in MY LOBBY.


Notice that the light beige davenport on the left above is unoccupied. Why would it be occupied? This is MY AREA OF MY LOBBY ! I want to be alone because I like space around me in the middle of the night to concentrate upon writing my Posts.

Listen! Like it or not, we are territorial animals. MY LOBBY IS MY TERRITORY.

Last night was just another in the series of nights where I could not get a Post written in my room. So downstairs I went at about 3 o’clock in the morning to the QUIET COMFORT OF MY LOBBY to put together yesterday’s OCT 5, 16 Post.


dscn99851I thought one or two or several more obscenities to myself describing this lad and his unwanted intrusion into my territory. With no other option I then moved over to the completely strange and unknown part of MY LOBBY defined by the sinister looking black vinyl davenport and set-up-shop and began writing yesterday’s Post sitting upon said aforementioned sinister black vinyl davenport.

A quick aside. It is a real wonder we human beings get along together as well as we do. Just take a good look inside of your own head and study your own issues over territory and other personal thoughts. Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me!

“What did you just say to me sinister black davenport?” .. “We match. We look good together!” .. “That I belong with you and not with the sissy light beige davenports.”


How could I NOT keep looking at the intruder who had displaced me from the comfortable, cozy, light beige, sissy like, upholstered davenports that I had become used to?


Maybe he’ll fall on the floor, hurt himself, the staff will call an ambulance and get him the *&%$! out of my territory! Oh No. He has gotten himself comfortable. He stretched out. He is here-to-stay.


Do you / can you all see why I could NOT work at MY TABLE on MY  light beige davenport? Territorially speaking it was just not possible for me to do so.

You Believe. You Don’t Believe.

You Get Messages. You Don’t Get Messages.

All of life is a roll-of-the-dice. All of life is one coincidence after another.

He moved. He sat up, rubbing the sleep from his eyes.

“Yo! Good morning my young man.”  I mumbled pleasantly through clenched jaws.

“This is my hotel.” he said to me. “I have been staying here for some time.” .. “I never call ahead for a reservation.” .. “When I got here last night I was told they are sold out until mid-October and they had no rooms period.”

What would I have done without this information? I might have come upon October the 21st and then discovered that I was out-of-my-room and hotel because they were booked solid.

Sure! A coincidence! .. I think I was visited by one of God’s Eskimos.

What? Whoa! Booked solid into mid-October?!

I felt a tremor rumble throughout my entire body. I have unpacked my bags and have moved into my room here. To move out for just another room in Dubai would be unthinkable!

To assume ( ass u me ) will make an ass out of u and me!

Sports Fans, Ladies and Gentlemen, Officers and Men, your Captain has been idly assuming that I will be staying here in my now beloved AL FAREJ HOTEL for the duration of my stay here in Dubai.

Very nice young man from Denmark. Lived in Germany ( as have I ), lived in San Francisco ( as have I ), would love to go to Alaska ( as I DO ). A cook. A traveler. A rounder and a roller. Now going to ?? Oman. Me too I said. He said that I will like Oman.

I haven’t told any of you this:

My seat mate ( a teacher ) on the flight here from Seattle was headed to .. Oman.

Today’s Rhetorical Question:

“Captain Oh Captain? What is the first thing you did today at 8:30AM when the AL FAREJ Hotel Reservations Office opened! 

“Good Morning Ma’am! Are you from the Philippines? I thought you might be. I have some wonderful best friends from the Philippines. My name is Mr. Chastain and I am in room 115. I was wondering about extending my stay here with you past my current check-out day of October the 22nd. It is OK? You will lower my room tariff from 215 UAE Dirham ( US $58.94 ) to 180 UAE DIRHAM ( US $49.32 ) ! Why THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH MA’AM! Can I show you my review of your hotel on tripadvisor? I am happy you like it.”

For What It’s Worth .. I DO Believe That Something Is Happening Here and What It Is Ain’t Exactly Clear.

Well, for now, that is my story and I am sticking with it.

/ Sign Me / Your Very Grateful Captain ..


Do NOT cross the dotted line below ..

Unless you want to continue to scroll down into the ..


– – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Well, I warned you all, and here-you-are, across the dotted line! 

7:30AM, Thursday October 6th, 2016

Another great breakfast.
dscn00111I enjoyed several servings from the buffet line as well as some sliced watermelon you see above right.


More perfect toast in a never ending series of perfectly toasted bread. Two types of bread today.


“For health reasons I have always kept my fingernails extremely short. For that reason I can NOT peel hard boiled eggs without destroying them. Wow! At age 80 I found the solution! Tiny tweezers!”


Yesterday I came up with the idea to take some nibblers from breakfast up to my room for late afternoon snacks.


Today I repeated this and have begun a small stash of goodies in my mini-fridge in my wonderful room.


“Captain? What is the green bottle you have in your mini-fridge?”  .. “A 2.25-litre bottle of 7-Up is what!”


“Captain! Popcorn Captain?” .. “Oh Yes! I am living where the real people of Dubai live. So I have access to the supermarkets where the real people of Dubai shop! I am NOT in a tourist zone at all!”

“I ate a bag of their popcorn. It was wonderful. So I have added to my snack food stash in my wonderful room!”


“What is the other stuff Captain?” ..


“In India they have Electral to add to your water so you do not become dehydrated in the heat. Here in Dubai they have Neolyte Oral Rehydration Salts.” .. “Today I stocked up on Neolyte!” .. “Friends! Ladies and Gentlemen! Officers and Men! Make no mistake! I take my health very seriously.”


“Fiberall is their Metamucil. I really take my health seriously. The small tube in the foreground above is a tube of their answer to our polysporin.”

“Captain! You have been out and about!”

“I needed REAL scotch tape!”

I found it directly across the street from the AL FAREJ HOTEL.

“Captain Oh Captain? Are you ‘settling IN in Dubai?” .. “Thinking about it. My Jury is still out.”

Too bad that Gullible won’t see the below because she has avoided the God Stuff above. Oh well. 

Yesterday Gullible commented as follows:

Just an observation: I notice the streets look exceptionally clean. Find out how that is when you go walkabout, okay? Is it the populace? Street cleaners?

It is all things. Yes there are very active street cleaners. Yes I get the impression that ‘the populace’ does not approve of needlessly littering their streets.


And a literal plethora of Dumpsters for people to place their garbage and trash.



Literally, as I snapped the above photo, to my left I heard them go CRUNCH BUMP !  

IF I were the Judge I would ask the driver of the white car, “Didn’t you see him on your right coming out of the parking space?” .. “Why didn’t you yield to him?” .. “You Sir are at fault here.”


In the background above is a ‘traditional yellow school bus’. I see many of them in this area. They are of differing sizes and shapes.



The hot, dry air and wind up on the roof of the hotel makes for almost instant drying of my wash cloths.



Yesterday in my Post OCT 5, 16 at the end I wrote the following:

Now I can see where this Post is going. I will show you where I am shopping for water and so on. I am not, at this time, up to getting into uploading a lot of photos so I am going to go upstairs and grab some sleep. I am just not up to a lengthy Post at this moment. It is 3:34AM here in Dubai.

Signing off .. Cap

Now you know ..


Last night with all of the drama of the young Danish man and me being really tired, I could not do what I have just done above ..


I will now say Over-And-Out for now. Patti will give this a good look see. Thanks So Much My Dear One.

With Joy .. Cap

I did this Post 100% in my room. This is the best situation by far. But the lobby is a great alternative when my room WiFi is extremely slow or out completely.

Yes! I know! I have not shown you the supermarkets and the pharmacy and the stationery stores yet. I will. Here you all were thinking that I have been living in my room and not going outside at all. I walked at least one mile today IN THE HEAT.


  1. cap chastain

    Gosh, glad the Danish young man tipped you off to secure keeping your room for the duration of your stay in Dubai … and on top of that, they are lowering your room rate per day after the 21st! Nice!! You DID actually take us into a stationary store … shown with the man holding your scotch tape. Great that you are both catching up on your sleep and getting out and about. Nice to see more street scenes. Enjoy! Love, Patti

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      I could not believe it when the lady told me she was going to lower my room tariff. I could have arrived at October the 22nd and it would have been one great shock if they were full and I would have had to move out. Wow. Nice Eskimo. Love Cap

  2. Gullible

    Fooled you and read to the bottom of the post. So, all roads lead to Oman? Before that, I hope you get out and see some tourist sites, preferably of the historical type. Enjoying these posts, Cap. Keep it going

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Yes it seems all roads lead to Oman. Like Mongolia, I had no clear idea of where Oman was. In fact the name was at the far reaches of my mind. We will see what we will see! Glad you are enjoying these mind wanderings. Smiles, Cap

  3. Gullible

    Interesting: 2.2 million Indians live in UAE. Though Islam is the official religion of the country, I haven’t see full facial hair on the men in any of your photos.

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      It is almost like Alaska. I wonder IF I have yet met someone who was born and raised here in Dubai. Even the merchants seem to be from afar. My pharmacist is from India.

  4. z

    Friday, October 7, 2016 – noon – So Cal

    Hi Cap,

    It’s great that your Danish friend in “your lobby” tipped you off regarding the room situation! BTW you didn’t mention the date extension, but I assume it was to 9 Nov 2016 (+/-) when you depart to HK?

    Mostly when traveling (especially a foreign or new city) it’s always a good idea to book for the whole stay as you can always cancel without incurring any additional costs – or I guess you sleep on the lounge like your Danish friend.

    Looking forward to your next adventure and photos of Dubai!


    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      The date of my extension is pretty open. I did say that for sure I would be staying into November. They are very nice people to work with. With booking.com there are issues getting things changed. In theory you CAN change. In reality they are hard to deal with in that it takes considerable time for them to get around to refunding costs. You pay up front for the entire stay. Period. Then if you leave earlier they owe you money and there is the rub. Great to have you riding along with me. Cap

  5. Jeanne Follett

    I can appreciate how you felt when the Danish fellow “invaded” your lobby. Sometimes you just get comfortable being in a certain, reliable place. I was online in a hotel lobby in Frankfurt and a guy set up his computer across from me and started Skyping. Loudly. Everyone in the lobby–a large lobby– could hear him. I moved as far away as I could, and he was still annoying. AT least your guy was asleep!

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      He was asleep and when awake he was a most engaging young man. Very pleasant. But he sure did change the chemistry with MY LOBBY. We sure are territorial aren’t we? I wish I had been able to visit with him more so I could have seen him in Oman. Again the roads are pointing to Oman.

  6. z

    Saturday, October 8, 2016 – 1:00 pm

    Hi Cap,

    An interesting comment, I didn’t realize you had to pay the “full price” in advance for the complete stay? Very interesting! Maybe that is the way in the far east; as you know in Europe (unless it has changed) we never had to pay in advance unless it was just a small deposit.

    A great “sign” and surely makes it easier to know where you are and to plan other trips! What’s coming next on the “tram” (subway)?

    How’s the weather situation over there – do they have a drought like not only us in the West; but in many other countries in Asia, and parts near Russia?

    Looking forward to when you break out and have a meal in the local restaurant!

    FYI, the last F1 race for this year is at Dhabi on Saturday, November 27, 2016.

    BTW, the maps by Andre are really great – super nifty!

    Have fun,


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