Seventy (70) years ago TODAY.. it was December 7th.. 1941.. I was but five years old.. but even at five years of age.. I KNEW something really big had come to pass on that .. Day of Infamy .. as I have heard it referred to ..  Pearl Harbor Day ..


I love to quote .. and I love to re-quote Meister Eckhart .. German Philosopher and Theologian .. who wrote the following ..



If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is Thank You.. it will be enough ..


In the United States Marine Corps.. they have quite a philosophy .. well they did in early 1958 when I went through Marine Corps Boot Camp ..


As a Marine.. I was taught that I was to fight.. and that I might lay down my very life .. for two (2) groups of people ..  those who fought for ME when I was too young to fight for the country.. and those who were at that time too young to fight for the country.. the children basically ..

So to those who fought and to those who died when I was too young to fight .. I say THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH ..  I SALUTE YOU ALL ..

What a joy my life is today because of you all.. 


Much.. MUCH.. Love to you ALL..  Cap.. USMC Enlisted.. USN Commissioned Officer (Sea Bees)