Amazing isn’t it? How time flies! We wait all year for our special days and they roll around and are gone in a twinkling. Another good day here in Abakan, Russian Siberia where our temperature hoovered around -20°F.

A short note to Gullible : I tried having my Nikon Coolpix camera inside of my right glove and it did not work out for me. To get it out, I had to use my bare left hand to hold the tip of the glove etc. Just a bunch of fumbling. When I reach inside of my coat it is much quicker, more of a one smooth movement. What DID work (at least just a little bit ) was to wear surgical gloves on both hands. That modest layer did help but only a little. Serious hand warmers is what I need. Thanks so much for your thinking of me.

I just published a post on blogspot showing photos of a park I visited this afternoon.

Prior to going to the above park, Mike, Alexander and I ate lunch at The Limerick Irish Pub.

The below photo is just for you Patti My Dear One!

After lunch, off we walked, on foot, in -20°F winter weather, for the Abakan Dream Gardens Park. I did a photo shoot and home we came.

A few more photos of ice sculptures that I photographed last night.

I DID NOT  walk up the below steps. I just walked up the other steps that I showed yesterday.

‘Twas the day after Christmas .. New Year’s looms.

Then the annual trek through January and February.

Over and out for today.

Cap and Patti


2 thoughts on “DEC 26, 18 .. CHRISTMAS 2018 IS NOW IN OUR REAR VIEW MIRRORS

  1. Patti Boone

    I had to chuckle again last night when you said on the phone you were eating lunch at the Limerick Irish Pub .. in Southern Siberia they have an Irish Pub restaurant! The ice sculptures shown here are stunning. They seem to have more ‘heart’, more emotion, than the ones here in Alaska. You really have the photographic dedication to be getting your hands so cold taking these pictures. I DO enjoy the photos!! Love, Patti

    1. cap chastain

      Too funny! The Limerick Irish Pub. It REALLY is an Irish Pub complete with the Kelly Green exterior! The Kelly Green exterior really makes it Irish doesn’t it.

      Hopefully some other viewers are also enjoying the Ice Sculptures. They really ARE something special. There must be hand warmers here in Siberia. I’ll have to get serious about finding them. Happy you enjoy the photos and thanks for reading and making any necessary corrections to this and other posts. Much Love .. Cap

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