August 7th 2019 UPDATE : The flooding situation seems to have been resolved in Baykalsk.

Two weekends from today, Friday August the 16th through Sunday August the 18th, I am scheduled to be in Baykalsk at a three day Convention.



I have only today become aware of a worrisome situation there.

Obviously I will keep-my-thumb-on-the-pulse of this situation.

People will be coming from many locations to attend the Convention and a lot of work has gone into the pre-convention preparations. So no one is really ready to call-it-off. Maybe relocate it elsewhere.

Talk about : We never truly know do we?

On a lighter note, below is a link to a Post we published APR 8, 19, showing the Huskies we saw when we were in Baykalsk:

Cap and Patti

A little ‘chit chat’ with Patti : 

Hello My Dear One.

Hello Captain. Sometimes it takes a long time, but sooner or later you figure things out.

As you well know My Dear One, I have my system of adding fruit juice to my drinking water to give it a little flavor. While you were here, I would have two, 1-1/2 liter bottles of my juice flavored water sitting in the bottom of the refrigerator ready-to-go when my six, 1/2 liter individual bottles, were empty. 

Then came the issue of the fruit juice beginning to coagulate and to ferment on the insides of the bottles. So I began to really rinse them out rigorously to stop this fermentation issue from getting out of hand.

Duh-h-h .. The answer is simple : Now I only store cold, clear water in the 1-1/2 liter bottles. When I need more juice flavored water, I just add the fruit juice directly into the clear water and immediately pour it into the 1/2 liter individual bottles. End of problem. The juice can’t even begin to coagulate and ferment.

At the very top of the below photo, you can see the smaller, 1/2 liter bottles that I drink directly from. Below them are three 1/2 liter bottles with clear water when I prefer just plain, cold water.

Smiling at my new idea to have : A little chit-chat with Patti.


  1. Patricia Boone

    Yikes on the flooding in Baykalsk. I am glad you at least have some forewarning so you can keep an eye on the situation. Interesting that I (we) can envision where this is happening since we have BEEN THERE. Fun to again see the cuddly Alaskan Huskies we visited while in Baykalsk a few months ago. Great plan on the new way to handle the large bottles used in your juice/water blend. So nice I can picture all of this with you! Love, hugs, support. Patti

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Yikes says it all as to the flooding in Baykalsk. It IS nice you were here and have lived my system of adding fruit juice to water and the concerns about fermentation because I was not able to really clean out the 1-1/2 liter bottles. Issue solved. Thanks so much for your support. Love Cap

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