Happy Birthday to You,

Happy Birthday to You,

Happy Birthday Dearest Patti,

Happy Birthday to You.

And Many More..

With Love from all of us who Love You !!


A few days ago I published the below (close up version of the) map showing where my building is located here in Vladivostok:



Below are a few photos showing flowers at the corner of my building. Notice that my actual building address 92 Borisenko Street corresponds to the above map. Google Maps are incredible.

92 улица БОРИСЕНКО.  92 Street Borisenko. 

Smiles from Cap and Hugs from Patti ‘Our Birthday Flower Girl’.

7 thoughts on “AUG 28, 19 .. VLADIVOSTOK .. HAPPY BIRTHDAY PATTI ..

  1. Patricia Boone

    Thank you for all of the Happy Birthday texts throughout the day and for this Happy Birthday post. At your request, one of your cards treated me to the movie I went to today. Enjoyed seeing the flowers outside of your Vladivostok flat also!! Smiles and so much love, Patti

    1. cap chastain

      I knew you’d like to see the flowers at 92 Borisenko Street here in Vladivostok, Russian Siberia. Flowers? Here in Russian Siberia they sure have flowers don’t they! It’s been fun texting you this past two days. Happy you liked the movie as my treat. Thank You for this comment too. Much Love .. Cap

  2. Patricia Boone

    Nice, so very nice to get the birthday greetings from you Gullible, and from you Grego, both very dear friends every day .. not just on “birth” days! What a blessing friends are!! Hugs and love, Patti

  3. zilla

    Friday, August 30, 2019 – noon
    A big Happy Birthday to you! Enjoy your day! I would like to offer you a nice meal out of your choice on me! Just let me know the “$” and I will pop the cash and mail it too you!
    Have fun!

    1. Patricia Boone

      Nice to have birthday greetings from you Godzilla. SO nice just to hear from you!! Will try giving you a call. Hugs to you and Kleiner Bär. Patti

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