I did a series of three posts here on dot.net showing the paving of the parking lot that services the several apartment buildings that surround the one I am living in.

Just in case you missed them, or want to take another look at them, in order, from top to bottom, below are three links to those dot.net posts.

Chapter 1 – https://babakaps.net/?p=38070

Chapter 2 – https://babakaps.net/?p=38186

Chapter 3 – https://babakaps.net/?p=38312

The title of Chapter 3 was : OCT 8, 19 .. THE PARKING LOT RESURFACING .. Chapter 3 .. IT IS 100% FINISHED

And I really thought, when I wrote and published Chapter 3, that the construction work was 100% finished, as in over-and-done-with!

I’m going to show a brief review of the paving project just to refresh your memory in case you don’t want to go back and review the above links.

Below is what the parking lot looked like before I suddenly became aware that work was underway out my window.

One evening I heard-something-going-on outside of my window.

Well-into-the-night the grader worked.

The grading has been finished. For all I knew, this was going to be all they did. 

Not the case at all. A few nights later they seal-coated the above graded surface.

How it looked the next morning.

The below photo shows how large the project was. It went up the street in front of my building.

Then the asphalt paving crew came onto the scene.

It was a good sized paving crew.

Their progress was looking good.

Doesn’t that look just great?!

 A day or so later I noticed more activity out my window.

Will you just look at that! They striped it.

New pavement striping all the way up the street.

Looks like a done-deal.

Chapter 3 .. IT IS 100% FINISHED

Or so I thought.

Then a week or so later, again I heard some stirring going on outside of my window.

So over I went and looked down..

What are those concrete blocks that they are scattering beside the road in front of my building?

When I saw the above activity, immediately in front of the entrance to my building, I suddenly had the feeling that they are going to clean-up-the-mess my front entrance area is. 

You want a mess? Continue to scroll down.

Continuing the view from my window, I’m not sure exactly what the concrete blocks will be used for.

Well! This activity merits me going outside and having a little up-close-and-personal look-see at what’s going on.

The first two photos below again show my entrance into my building only now the concrete blocks have appeared.

The below two photos are of the next entrance just up the street from my (above photo) entrance.

I mean-to-tell-you these concrete blocks are scattered all over the landscape.

What do you suppose is going on here?

Does The Shadow Know?

Well, time-will-tell us..


Smiling .. Cap


  1. Patricia Boone

    Another construction job underway outside of your building .. mysterious concrete blocks .. we wonder what the blocks will become. Maybe they are a prelude to a sidewalk somehow? Maybe they will have something to do with creating a more user-friendly entrance to your building? Or, maybe they will be an obstacle course for the winter! We shall see. Waiting for the next chapter . . . Smiles and love, Patti

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Fun as I am wondering what they are going to do with the concrete blocks. The next chapter will be upcoming My Dear One. Love Cap

  2. zilla

    Saturday, October 19, 2019 – noon
    Hi Cap,
    Aaaaah, another construction project well underway! It is also nice that you have a great advantage point to take pictures from your balcony! A good perspective to see the overall progress and view of the project! I would also say they did some good planning in order to complete the work before winter sets in! Very nifty! Yes a follow-up on the other pieces of curbs and their place in the project will be interesting!

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      I AM ON IT ‘Zilla. For sure. Great you are leaving comments here on dot.net I really appreciate your interest. Smiles .. Cap

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