Over on blogspot, I just published a short re-visit to the City of Ooty, located in the State of Tamil Nadu, in the South of India.

Ooty’s full name ..

Smiles Cap

3 thoughts on “AUG 16 / 17, 21 .. A SHORT RE-VISIT TO OOTY

  1. Kit

    Hi Cap! Just catching up on your posts. I am at the ranch with the donkeys and goats, and having fun exploring the Black Hills.
    Love to Patti, and I hope your energy improves.
    Little Miss Amy, about to turn 19, started her sophomore year today at Arizona State, West Campus, and is excited to be back at it. She got licensed as an emt this summer to gather patient hours for grad school. She needs 1000 hours for physician assistant school.
    Steve just got engaged to Jenna, and I will go back east in October to visit.

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Thanks so very VERY much Kit for your comment. So nice to hear about your children. Still dealing with this fatigue. Will drop you a note in the snail mail assuming we can find your address (Patti is sure we have it Kit). Smiles, Cap and Patti for sure

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