For What It’s Worth, to overly simplify things, we have two categories of readers of our Posts.

The category one readers, a relatively few readers, are not only fully cognizant of the fact we have other websites, but they have the skills to go directly to these other websites ( is one) without needing a link here on to transport them there. 

The category two readers, the majority of readers, rely on us putting a link into this site and then, to go to the other sites, they just click onto a link here.

For instance. Over on blogspot, we did a Veteran’s Day Post that you can see by clicking onto the below link..

Listen up category one readers.

In our Veteran’s Day Post on blogspot, after publishing it at 4:38AM here in Alaska, I added additional photos later in the day. So IF you read it (say at 8AM or 9AM in the eastern time zone) relatively soon after it was published, you are unaware of the addtion of extra photos later in the day.

So IF you want to see the additonal photos, click onto the above link (or just go there as you know to do) and re-read it. 

Adding pictures after a post has been piblished is not a good thing to do, and I very seldom (if ever) have done it. A reader must feel they read a Post here and that is that. They don’t want to have to go back in time and double check IF something has been added.

Make any sense to you at all ? 

Smiles .. Cap and Patti


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