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I warned all of you with the subtitles to this Post .. Delete Before Reading, Does Anyone Care .

I know, what sense does this make?

Sense or NON SENSE here I go.

Got it ! There is no possible way that I can always be present (here on our website) each and every day. 

A look-back at last Wednesday, the day we prepared for our relocation here from Phoenix up to Lake Havasu City. That in itself tells you it was one busy day.

Wednesday March the 2nd

What a day last Wednesday was for Patti and me! Yes! The drama was mine but Patti lives it with me!

Getting gasoline at COSTCO is all about timing. Bottom Line : You get there very early in the morning. 

And I did just that. I was at the COSTO gasoline pump at 8am and did not have to wait one minute.

I reached for my credit card.

Oops! Oh No! I have lost my COSTCO credit card. 

Sport Fans and Friends, I knew, I was 100% positive that I had the credit card when I got into our truck to drive over here.

I do carry two COSTCO cards (one the credit card and one the plain basic card) so I was able to purchase gasoline at a COSTCO low price using my plain basic membership card BUT I did not get the 4% cash back discount.

Always, I mean (well almost always) I put my locking gasoline cap on the dash board of the truck so I will not forget it after I’ve filled up the truck.

Out I drove heading back to the motel. 

I looked back in my rear view mirror and ..

Oh No ! The gasoline filler door flap was wide open meaning I did not have the gasoline cap because I put it on the rear bumper when I gassed up and have lost it.


My day has just begun and I’ve lost my COSTCO credit card and my locking gasoline cap.

I got back to the motel. I backed our truck into its parking place. Opps. I had to pull forward and move the truck over a foot or so because I was over the line. Because I moved the truck over. I was able to see, laying there in the parking lot for about 20 minutes, was my COSTCO credit card. No one had found nor taken it.

HAPPINESS IS : Finding my lost COSTCO credit card.

And after eating breakfast I dove into pre-packing for our drive up to Lake Havasu City.

– – – – – – – – – – – –

1pm my Smart Phone rang.

It was the Mayo Clinic calling me. Trust us on this : When The Mayo Clinic calls, Patti and I always pickup and answer. I was told my Doctor had ordered three blood tests and when could I get to the laboratory. I looked at Patti and thought to myself..

“We are up to our necks in pre-packing and there is no way that I am going over there to have a blood draw!”

I said to the Mayo Clinic scheduler : “I can be there at 2pm!” 

And out and off we proceeded!

Monday, the 31st of January was our first, active-with-appointments, day at the Mayo Clinic. And? That Monday (who on this good earth knows why) I noticed that one of the Mayo Clinic Volunteers, who drive the 6 person mini-golf-cart-trams helping patients get from the far-reaches of the massive parking lots to the clinic buildings, had a deep maroon Mayo Clinic cap. I then decided that I wanted to have one of the deep maroon caps. In the days to come, I went to the Mayo Clinic Gift Shop and found that they only sold these caps in Navy Blue with White Letters. So, for only $20, I purchased one of them. But, in the meantime, I had become casual friends with the first mini-golf-cart driver (who it turned out was a fulltime on a salary employee and not a volunteer) who was wearing one of the dark maroon caps. He told me ONLY volunteers were given the deep maroon caps BUT he would see if he could get me one of them. And I lost touch with him because I hadn’t gotten his name or his phone number or given him my name and my phone number. BUT I kept asking all of the multitude of mini-tram drivers IF they were my deep maroon cap connection.

Now we are back at 1:45pm in the early afternoon of Wednesday March the 2nd.

Patti and I parked our truck and (Johnny on the spot) up pulled a mini-tram driver asking us if he could give us a ride. And I asked him, “Are YOU my deep maroon cap buddy?” He was puzzled (as obviously he wasn’t my connection) so I told him about my (call it) obsession to get one of the deep maroon caps (like HE was wearing on his head). And? On-The-Spot he took his deep maroon cap off and said, “Here! You can have mine!” I repied, taking money out of my billfold, “Here is $20 the cost of these caps!” He replied, “NO I won’t take your money besides my cap is dirty!” .. I replied, “Look I am an ex-enlisted member of the United State Marine Corps and I don’t sweat the small stuff!!” all the while examining his cap telling him, “Your cap looks BRAND NEW!!” .. And ? I accepted his offer On-The-Spot!!

HAPPINESS IS : Now I have two Mayo Clinic Caps.

And? I whipped out a handfull of my spiritual pocket stones..

I insisted he take, one for himself, and several others to pay-it-forward.

And? He was so absolutely thrilled with the pocket stones that HE began profusely THANKING ME for my gifts to him!!

And? That is the end of THE REST OF THIS STORY.

– – – – – – – – – – – – 

And? Into the Mayo Clinic Patti and I walked. And we had this amazing encounter with Rafael.

Notice above, if you will, my deep maroon Mayo Clinic Cap!

– – – – – – – – – – – 

And, out and off Patti and I went heading back to our motel to resume pre-packing for our trip North to Lake Havasu City. 

I said to Patti, “I am going to go to COSTCO to see, IF by chance, my missing gasoline cap was found and turned in.”

“NO Sir, we haven’t seen it nor has it been turned in.”

Out of COSTCO and heading back to our motel to get-on with packing out.

As I turned to the right and entered the Interstate 17 frontage road, there, up against the retaining wall, was my missing gasoline cap. 

HAPPINESS IS : Finding my missing, locking, gasoline cap.

– – – – – – – – – – – –

HAPPINESS IS : The Havasu Deuces street rod car show.

Yesterday, Patti and I visited the HAVASU DEUCES street rod car show.

I snapped two hundred and twelve (212) photos.

For YOU Robert 94596. No not the same but it reminded me of your Merc. 

Will all of you just look at the below rig!!

Well there you have it. That is : IF you stuck around until this point.

Patti enjoyed the below idyllic view of Lake Havasu while she was parked in our truck reading her Kindle while I spent two hours at the show.

The Time Has Come To Say : Over And Out

Cap and Patti

4 thoughts on “MAR 6, 22 .. WHAT A DAY .. HAPPINESS IS ..

  1. Kathleen

    Cap, what a series of events! So glad you found the gas cap and card; so glad you got your maroon cap! The cars are beautiful. Thank you for sharing your journey with us. Hugs to you and Patti

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Thank YOU Kathleen for your loyal and consistent interest in our life adventures. What a day it was, losing and finding a major credit card. Losing and later in the day finding our locking gas cap. The Mayo Clinic adventure getting the maroon Mayo Cap. And Rafael to boot. Much Joy ‘Kat’ .. Cap and Patti

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