I will begin by stating that our trip could not possibly have been too much better. We were early getting out to the Anchorage Airport. Our taxi driver loaded our bags for us and was very pleasant. Being early (we checked in at 1:30pm for a 4pm flight) we had no time pressure. Security was a bit of an issue for me but it is what it is. We had wheelchair assistance getting through security and to our boarding gate. We had comfort seating on both of our flights. We had a lot of help (from the airline flight attendants and other passengers) getting our carry on luggage into and down from the overhead compartments. Our trip just could not have gone better.

BUT, as I sit here, in the early morning hours of Sunday, May the 15th, Patti and I are both tired. Sitting in airplane seats (yes even in comfort seating) at least at our ages, is getting ‘old’. Then one of our flights (our flight from Seattle to Detroit) was a red-eye (an overnight or late-night flight on a commercial airline) so we spent the night on the aircraft arriving into Detroit at 6:15am (2:15am Alaska time). Andrej met us and was right on time and at the precise location to meet us (Door 3 at the Delta Airlines baggage carousel). It just couldn’t have gone much better but we are deeply fatigued.

The trip.

Patti and I flew South out of Anchorage, Alaska, yesterday, Friday the 13th of May. We were in Comfort Seating and that really is pleasant. For one thing, you are sitting right behind the First Class Section so you are almost (immediately after the First Class passengers deboard) first off the aircraft. The extra leg room is really great. Comfort Seating passengers can use the First Class Toilet and this is also a nice perk.

Our first stop was in Seattle, Washington.

Our layover in Seattle was two hours. We both were hungry. Luckily I got to Starbucks 2 minutes before they closed at 9pm and got us two, really pleasant, meals.

The vegetables were crisp, fresh and excellent. The chicken ample and also excellent. As was the hummus with three small flour tortillas (actually called “nan” on the packaging).

Then came the red-eye flight. 

Hello Detroit.

Some of the wheelchair assistants (those pushing two wheelchairs) really earn their money. Two times we also had only one attendant  (and this is new to me, historically each wheelchair is pushed by one attendant). When it came time to pay one of them, I gave him two ($5) gratuties telling him (as I took one hand then the other) .. “This is for your right arm. This is for your left arm.” Well and happily received. Our last one was a young lady. Yes !! A young lady pushed our two wheelchairs and handled our three carry on bags and luggage at the luggage carousel as well !! Amazing.

The terminals (all three of them) were spotless.

On our way home from the airport we stopped at Danny’s home and picked up his pickup truck that he loaned us until Tuesday when he will then loan us an automobile for the balance of our stay. 

So after the trip, guess what? Off to shop at Krogers and then Costco and back to Krogers (because our shopping list kept growing as we were shopping because our brains are tired)  because we DO need to eat. Oh, this evening we went to one of our meetings, seeing friends that date back to 1988. A big focus of our visit will be reconnecting with our Detroit Recovery Community.

Patti come on over here and do your thing (clean up my efforts). 

From Patti .. “I did my job .. all set to publish!”

Then? Bed!

Cap and Patti

8 thoughts on “MAY 14, 22 .. SAFELY INTO DETROIT ..

  1. Michael d.

    Welcome Home, dear friends! You folks are Truly Blessed! And so are we, able to follow along on your journeys. That you just spent 4 months in the Arizona desert, flew back to your other digs in Anchorage, AK……and now back to your home of many decades is an absolutely amazing journey! Have fun, celebrate with your friends and fellowship!! Now, this begs for my question: Do we start planning now for our 2025 trip to Vancouver, B.C.? hahaha …..Ok, maybe next year I’ll ask again! Stay well! Kick up yo’ heels and have a wonderful, fun time!
    Love you both to pieces,
    Michael d.

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Yes Michael, let’s not think about Vancouver B.C. yet. Ask again next year. Thanks for your great comment. Cap and Patti

  2. Olga

    Nice trip, even if it is red-eyed! And I’m actually happy to see really nutritious food. Good for Starbucks!
    I seldom see such places as airport terminals but I was sure they can’t be so clean there. The floors shine like they’re ready for ballroom dances! It’s amazing!
    And those wheelchair assistants… How can they push TWO CHAIRS AT ONE? Do the chairs have any special construction, something electric to run easier?

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      No Olga the wheel chairs are very simple and basic. No frills or special features. As the photo of one attendant pushing two wheel chairs shows, you can see they push them from between the two wheel chairs. Smiles Cap and Patti

      1. Olga

        Cap, I beg for pardon for my persistence… Does the assistant manage to push the chairs SO EASILY because they are moving on a flat surface?

        1. Cap Chastain Post author

          Olga, yes and no. Yes, most of the surfaces on which the wheel chairs are pushed IS smooth, well polished and flat. So on those surfaces, it is not that difficult BUT it is NO CAKE WALK either because they have to push the weight of the person in the wheel chair AND the weight of that person’s carry on luggage which could be heavy. And do it for two people at the same time. Now comes the hard part where they can only do one wheel chair at a time. As you come off a plane, the ramp is UPHILL and narrow and the pusher can only push one wheel chair at a time. So up the ramp they push one wheel chair. Then back down the ramp and up again for the second person. The same for getting into and out of elevators, and into and out of airport terminal trains. They have to do one and then the other. So they are amazing workers Olga.

  3. Robert 94596

    Believe it or not, we were in Detroit starting 13May as you arrived (on a cruise of the Great Lakes beginning in Montreal)! Left this morning (15May), are now on Huron heading for Superior, then Michigan, ending in Chicago, with return home on 22May.

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