It is known as : JET LAG 

And it has absolutely no relation to your long term Covid-19 fatigue.

Up in Anchorage, Alaska, the time is four hours different from the time down here in Royal Oak, Michigan. For me, flying East is far more difficult than flying West. This is because flying East you have to face the time difference first thing in the morning.

To wit : Patti and I planned to go to a meeting this morning. The meeting began at 10am. Fine. Easy. To be at a 10am meeting we need to be up at 8:30am as it takes us a full hour (maybe even 15 minutes more) to get up, clean up, dress and to eat breakfast. Then we need some time to drive to the meeting.

Here is the rub : When it is 8:30am here in the Detroit Metro Area, up North in Anchorage, Alaska, it is 4:30am in the very VERY early morning !! At 4:30am our human body biorhythms are at, or near, the low point in the day !! At 4:30am our body wants to complete its cycle of rest and does not ‘feel like being awakened’.

At night we get a free ride. When I finished yesterdays Post (published at 2:20am) my body’s biorhythmic clock was at 10:20pm Anchorage, Alaska, time. So even though the clock read 2:20am, my body felt like it was only 10:20pm.

Sunday May 15th 2022

We did NOT get up at 8:30am (4:30am Alaska time) but I did awaken Patti at 9:10am (5:10am Alaska) with a nice, hot washcloth for her face and asked her : “Do you want to go to the 10 o”clock meeting?” She did. We left for the meeting at 9:45am (5:45am Alaska). When we sat down in the meeting with 10 other members our bodies were saying to us : “Why on earth are we up at 6 o’clock in the morning sitting in a meeting?”

We survived the meeting nicely albeit a little tired. Came home, ate breakfast, and about 2:30pm yours truly told Patti that I was either going to lie down for a nap or I was going to fall down. Two hours later I was awakened by a loud thunder strike and hard rain and? Our power was O-U-T for the next four or so hours.

After eating our early dinner (early because I didn’t want to be preparing and eating dinner in the dark) and doing some things (like checking in to see the Milwaukee Bucks were destroyed by the Boston Celtics 109 – 81 in game 7 of their NBA semi-finals and the Phoenix Suns were about to also be destroyed by the Dallas Mavericks 123 – 90 in game 7 of their NBA semi-finals) I again ‘crashed’ and slept another good hour or so.

Our power was resumed about 7pm and we enjoyed dinner in the dusk of evening.

Now at 12:50am (Detroit) I am feeling pretty good because it is only 8:50pm (Alaska).

Does any of this make one-whit of sense to anyone. Well one of my subtitles for this Post was .. Delete Before Reading.

Cap and Patti hanging in here with me.

Post Script : Our 12 member, 10am meeting, proved to be a great meeting and we’re happy we attended.

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