Ginny, one of our closest friends and allies, sent Patti a wonderful (NO calorie) Birthday Cake for Patti to enjoy during her Birthday Month. I wanted to share it with you all.

In the below photo, Patti has opened up the box and is enjoying her Birthday Wishes note card.

Voila ! Absolutely, positively, NO calories in this wonderful, Crocheted* Birthday Cake Gift. 

*Because the cake looks so real, Patti asked me to specify that Ginny crocheted the Birthday Cake!

Thanks so very VERY much Ginny !

Cap and Patti smiling from ear to ear !

3 thoughts on “AUG 14, 22 .. A VERY HAPPY PATTI .. NICE PHOTOS TOO ..

  1. Ginny

    My dear Patti, The cake without calories, the frosting didn’t melt, and the candle that stays lite for endless wishes … sounds like the perfect cake! Happy Birthday Month!! You’re radiant and your big smile made my heart so happy !! Love always, Ginikins

  2. Veryl

    Patti and Cap. I have just heard about your long COVID. Didn’t get the e=mail but would really like to see it. My prayers are with both of you.

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Thank You Veryl. I was infected with covid back in November of 2019 while still in Asia at the end of my 14 month trip to Russia, Hong Kong, Mongolia and South Korea. Then gave it to Patti who really took a hard hit, it took the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix in January of 2020 to get Patti some relief (no one here in the U.S. apparently knowing a thing about the covid virus at that time). Getting it again last May 13 / 14 was bad. Really a blow. Thanks for your concern Veryl. Cap and Patti

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