This Post is dated, and was published, December 12, 2022. However, I wrote it Sunday night December 11th.

Sunday, December 11th

Patti and I got out of Laughlin and away from our friend The Edgewater Casino Hotel right at 11AM. After a quick visit with Ginny, we then drove from Laughlin, NV / Bullhead City AZ via Arizona Hwy 68 over the mountain to Kingman, AZ. We had bumper to bumper traffic, moving at a crawl for 30 mintes, coming into Kingman. There were NO accidents, NO construction, it was just Sunday traffic ! It rivaled a Los Angeles rush hour ! Then we went East on Interstate 40 to its junction with U.S. Hwy 93 South through Wikieup (love that name and place) to Wickenburg, AZ, where we picked up U.S. 60 to Arizona Hwy 74 across to  Interstate 17 South  into Phoenix. A four plus hour drive of 217 miles.


We checked into Motel 6 here in Phoenix. We then put some, not all, of our luggage into our room and raced off to pick up a prescription for Patti. Then back to our room only to discover the door was not shut, but ajar. I thought that, in our leaving the room, I just had not pulled it shut. Fortunately nothing was disturbed nor gone ! Then discovered that the door lock is totally malfunctioning even the dead bolt will not work. The hotel management came and investigated and said we would have to move. I said “NO way, we are exhausted and we WILL stay in the room tonight because the safety latch was working.” They said O.K. but you are staying at your own risk. Then the manager said that in the morning, when people are checking, out we could move to another room.

So all of our plans for tomorrow (Monday the date of this Post) are up in the air. We had planned to attend a noon meeting and then meet with some friends after the meeting. At 3:30pm Patti was to have a blood draw at the Mayo Clinic. This may have to be rescheduled.

– – – – – – – –

Tomorrow (Tuesday December 13th) is the Number One reason we are here again at the Mayo Clinic. Patti will undergo a pair of routine medical procedures to be performed by her Doctor who has performed her five radio frequency ablation procedures for her Barrett’s Esophagus condition. 

Then, next week, we will head to Lake Havasu City to settle in for the balance of the winter. We will return here to the Mayo Clinic in February for some other appointments.

Waiting for it to get easy !

But Still Smiling and Still Standing .. Cap and Patti


  1. Ginny

    Glad you’re safe in Phoenix, it was great visiting at my place as well as the Edgewater Casino, great pic of us by the Christmas ornaments . I love Wikieup also, it’s fun to say, great to see the big cactus 🌵 beautiful drive. You’re in my prayers, love and hugs Ginny 🥰

    1. Cap Chastain

      Oh Yes Ginny, our three visits were each very meaningful! Thank you! It is good to now be in Phoenix and take care of our Mayo Clinic appointments. We really enjoyed the drive down Hwy 93. Ciao4now GinnyK.. Cap and Patti

  2. Michael

    Good to know you have landed safely in Phoenix! I’m surprised the traffic was so grid-locked in Kingman! I’ve not experienced any of that except for a few surviveable moments when on the Las Vegas, or Phoenix hwys! I just can’t imagine it as challenging as driving in L.A. rush-hour traffic! The temps in L.V. dropped radically on Sunday morning/afternoon and it was cold, windy and quite rainy for the commute back to Havasu. It appears I was coasting on your ‘vapor trails’ comin’ over the mtn. pass and into Laughlin so as to fill the gas tank at a more reasonable price! Praying that all of your exams and Patti’s ablation procedures go as well as the previous! Looking forward to getting our 3-Amigo (Hugs!)

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Michael Oh Michael, thanks for yet another great comment. By The Way Michael, I have experienced Los Angeles Rush Hour traffic. Driving at 7AM from the Riverside area (after working a Sunday race at the Riverside Race track and staying overnight there) on a Monday morning. We drove North from Riverside to get onto Interstate 10 and drove West on I-10 all the way into the heart of Los Angeles to the junction of I-5 North. THAT was rush hour traffic. I have also had other rush hour drives in Los Angeles. This traffic jam in little old Kingman was absolutely beyond-the-beyond ridiculous. Happy to be IN Phoenix now. Happy you got some $3.04 per gallon gasoline at Sam’s Club in Bullhead City !! Smiling .. Cap and Patti

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