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Wednesday, December 15th

When we arrived last Sunday at Motel 6 here on West Bell Road in Phoenix, Arizona, we had requested a handicapped room with two beds. This is NOT the “high tourist season” here in Phoenix, so we “assumed” we would get our request. 

Assume .. Assumpions will make an Ass out of u and me .. We did NOT get what we requested. To make matters worse, our room door lock did not work but the interior safety latch worked so we weren’t worried about out safety. Monday morning the door lock was fixed BUT there were NO handicapped rooms available  (no one had checked out). Tuesday was Patti’s procedure day at the Mayo Clinic and we stayed put in our room. 

Beginning Sunday when we arrived, and Monday, and yes even on Tuesday after we returned from the Mayo Clinic, I have been asking both the front desk staff and also the shift managers (morning, afternoon, and evening) about moving into a handicapped room.

Today (Wednesday) about 10AM this morning, the manager said .. “We have the exact room you hoped for. You can move into your new room after our staff have finished cleaning it.”


We have stayed in Room 103 several times previously. Once for a full month.

Our Chevrolet Dealer (you can see it through the window of our room below) is directly across the street. This is a real benefit because I can drop our truck off for servicing and simply walk back across the street to our Motel 6. I stay in touch via post cards with my Service Advisor and have gotten to know (and to trust) him.

Our restroom facilities.


All in all, it took about two hours to get our things from one room to another. Yes, the two rooms were “relatively” close to one another BUT none of our items could move themselves !

Amazing huh ? Unbelievable is what it is !

This (Wednesday) evening we watched the three (3) hour season final episode of Survivor. We totally enjoyed the finale.

– – – – – – – – 

THURSDAY, DECEMBER 15th (aka today)

Our truck is being serviced. We took it to the (above) Chevrolet Dealer last Tuesday after Patti’s Mayo Clinic procedures. Yesterday our Service Advisor told me what it needs and that they can’t get the parts and have it done in one day.

So today (Thursday) at 1PM we will be renting a car to get around because Patti has a Mayo Clinic appointment at 4:40PM we can’t miss and we then will go to a favorite meeting afterwards. Our truck is a 1998 and procuring parts can be an issue, even for a dealer. We also have a very full Friday planned so can’t be without wheels.

Still Smiling and Still Standing.

Cap and Patti

8 thoughts on “DEC 15, 22 .. MOVING DAY .. JUST WHAT WE DIDN’T NEED !! BUT WHAT WE WANTED !!

  1. Gullible

    Whew! How quickly your luggage expands to moving van capacity! As for your Suburban, I’m sure you know that other shops could find gray market parts, but dealers have to use original manufacture parts. Big difference in availability and price, especially when dealers prefer to sell new vehicles.

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Yes BUT when you are all over the country what a local repair shop does a shop elsewhere won’t honor anything. Staying with a Dealer you at least have continuity of service Gullilble. Smiles !! Cap and Patti

  2. Gullible

    I have to ask! What’s with the four partial rolls of TP and why are they in plastic bowls? This has got to be a Cap thing, not a Patti thing.

  3. Kathleen

    OK now I am curious too…. about TP in a bowl. :-) Also, happy that you got a handicap room with 2 beds. I’m sorry about the delay of work on your baby. It’s a treasure, though. I would still be driving my 2001 Jeep if I could have kept it running for a reasonable amount of money. She’s been gone for almost 7 years and I still miss her.

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Hi Kathleen, I answered your question in our Post dated DEC 16, 22 .. Whatever the cost of the service of our truck it is cheaper than a new rig !!Thanks for your interest and support Kathleen .. Cap

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