When I was a child, let’s say around five or six .. my Mother would read poems to me. 

One of the poems she would read was .. The Dinkey Bird, written by Eugene Field .. 1850 – 1895

Oh how I LOVED to hear her read The Dinkey Bird.

When she would finish reading it .. more often that not .. I’d plead .. “Mommy please read The Dinkey Bird again!” .. and Bless Her .. she would read me The Dinkey Bird again.

Below is The Dinkey Bird poem.

– – – – – – – –

In an ocean, ‘way out yonder
(As all sapient people know),
Is the land of Wonder-Wander,
Whither children love to go;
It’s their playing, romping, swinging,
That give great joy to me
While the Dinkey-Bird goes singing
In the amfalula tree!

There the gum-drops grow like cherries,
And taffy’s thick as peas—
Caramels you pick like berries
When, and where, and how you please;
Big red sugar-plums are clinging
To the cliffs beside that sea
Where the Dinkey-Bird is singing
In the amfalula tree.

So when children shout and scamper
And make merry all the day,
When there’s naught to put a damper
To the ardor of their play;
When I hear their laughter ringing,
Then I’m sure as sure can be
That the Dinkey-Bird is singing in the amfalula tree.

For the Dinkey-Bird’s bravuras
And staccatos are so sweet—
His roulades, appoggiaturas,
And robustos so complete,
That the youth of every nation—
Be they near or far away—
Have especial delectation
In that gladsome roundelay.

Their eyes grow bright and brighter,
Their lungs begin to crow,
Their hearts get light and lighter,
And their cheeks are all aglow;
For an echo cometh bringing
The news to all and me,
That the Dinkey-Bird is singing
In the amfalula tree.

I’m sure you like to go there
To see your feathered friend—
And so many goodies grow there
You would like to comprehend!
Speed, little dreams, your winging
To that land across the sea
Where the Dinkey-Bird is singing
In the amfalula tree!

Eugene Field .. 1850 – 1895

By The Way, I have, at home in Anchorage, THE VERY BOOK OF POEMS that my Mom used when she read to me. I’ll snap a photo of it when we return to Anchorage in April. 

– – – – – – – –

Now where am I going with this ?

When my ‘mental processes’ are getting a tad fuzzy .. and this can be a daily issue .. or when I do something (let’s call it) “out there” or even “WAY out there” .. and I will have no reasonable explanation …

I will say to Patti or I will tell a friend .. “The Dinkey Bird Is Singing In The Amfalula Tree’!

– – – – – – – –

We have now “arrived” where I am heading ..

In my Post yesterday .. several of you made comments :

I have to ask! What’s with the four partial rolls of TP and why are they in plastic bowls? This has got to be a Cap thing, not a Patti thing. /s/ Gullible (yes .. The One .. The Only .. Gullible !!)

OK now I am curious too…. about TP in a bowl. :-) /s/ Kathleen (aka Kat)

Here We Go Loop De Loop .. Here We Go Loop De Li ..

– – – – – – – –

Each and every single one of us, no one escapes, from time to time, we have a “runny nose”, or we feel a “sneeze” coming on ..


Or our eyes will water, or we have a small mess to wipe up, or ( YOU NAME IT ) ..

What do we do ? Actually we have several options. Sneeze into the air. Sneeze into our elbow. 

OR we reach for .. Taa Daa .. a box of .. Kleenex !

The above solution is all and good when you are home in a stable environment and you are not moving around from place to place. BUT if you are as mobile as we are, we simply can’t be having boxes of Kleenex all around us.

What to do ?

Instead of boxes of Kleenex, we have Toilet Paper (T.P.) remnants (a small remaining quantity of something) that we use to sneeze into, mop up a runny nose, use as a napkin when we are eating, dab our eyes with when we use eye drops, etc.

And ? The plastic Hummus “bowls” ?

The T.P. remnants are in the small Hummus bowls because IF the bottom of a T.P. remnant gets wet it is suddenly, basically-useless ! They can get wet around the sink where we wash things. When we’re eating I may spill something. And the mini-bowls just protect the T.P. remnants. 

Get It ?

Got It ?

Good ?

“A question Captain ?” .. “Why then do you have a box of Kleenex available that you used to snap the above photo ?” .. 

Great Question : “The box of Kleenex lives in our truck ! In the truck a T.P. remnant would roll around and “Toilet Paper” our truck’s interior !

“Patti can you hear them all in the background singing to us ?”

“Our Captain has a Dinkey-Bird that’s singing in his amfalula tree!”

Now here’s the “kicker”. Even at home in our Condo, I have (Gullible is absolutely correct, this IS a Cap thing, not a Patti thing !) T.P. remnants all over our Condo. In the bathroom. In our bedroom. In the kitchen. In the living room. Beside my laptop. In our back room. 

Laughing Out Loud !

– – – – – – – –

Our truck is in the Chevrolet Dealer directly across the street from our Motel 6.

I am looking at a possible $4,000 (four thousand) dollar service bill. The cost to find and to replace the upper and lower radiator hoses is $700 ! And a lot of other items (complete engine diagnosis, inspection of the brakes, servicing the passenger side rear door lock, replacing the transmission oil cooler lines, etc).

It will be in the shop for a few days.

We need wheels with our Mayo appointments and our meetings and other doings.

So ?

We rented a car beginning yesterday (Thursday the 15th) through the upcoming weekend. Sunday we plan to drive our snazzy Nissan to Tucson and spend Sunday with Patti’s sister-in-law (it’s her birthday) and her husband, and Patti’s niece and her man. Our GMC gets about 15 miles per gallon. Our rental car gets 35 miles per gallon AND IS DELICIOUSLY comfortable and quick and nimble to drive. 

By The Way, the cost to us of our Enterprise rental car (sit down I don’t want anyone to fall over and injure themselves !) is one dollar a day ($1 ).

We’ve been active this week. And how !! Attending meetings, Mayo Clinic appointments, Seeing and visiting with friends, the hassel with our Motel 6 room, shopping Costco, Sam’s Club, Walmart, etc. AND projects you wouldn’t believe like constructing a box for our raised toilet seat because, when our truck was stolen last December 24th 2021, the thief discarded the box it came in. It packs better in a box and not just loose in the back of our truck. And ? It is sort of embarrasing to walk through the lobby of a classy hotel like the Edgewater carrying our raised toilet seat !

And ?

I need to clear my bed and get some sleep. It’s coming up to 2:30am Friday morning.

Just look at My Queen ! My bed above and her bed below.

Smiling. I mean really smiling. I am on a roll ! A significant manic episode, my first since I caught Covid-19 in Asia in December 2019 ! I never ever believed that I would feel this good again in this lifetime !

Over And Out !

Ciao4now !

Still Smiling ! Still Standing !

Patti is hanging on and enjoying the ride !

Cap and Patti

By The Way : Beginning September 20th, 88-days-and-counting, I have not missed one single day publishing a Post here on dotnet. Not THAT, I feel, is really something. 

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