Sunday March the 26th 2023

I was up bright and early this morning preparing for our trip North from Lake Havasu City, Arizona, to Laughlin, Nevada.

We enjoyed a very pleasant, 1- 1/2 hour trip arriving at 4pm.

Our things are in our room. I took a short nap. Patti and I joined Tom and Ginny for a Subway Footlong Sandwich party and a very nice visit of several hours.

– – – – – – – –

Going back to our arrival down here last December the 3rd 2022, “Our Great and Long Term Plan” was for us to be right here (in Laughlin, Nevada, at The Edgewater Hotel) right now (on Sunday the 26th of March).


Continuing, “Our Great and Long Term Plan” was to stay here this week until next Saturday, April the 1st 2023, at which time we were going to fly back to Anchorage, Alaska.


Yesterday afternoon, March the 25th, continuing into the very late evening, “Our Great and Long Term Plan” CHANGED RADICALLY.

Just in case you have not yet seen yesterday’s Post, MAR 26, 23, please click onto the below link..

We are NOT flying home to Anchorage, Alaska, this upcoming Saturday, April the 1st. Instead we are staying here at The Edgewater until next Friday, March the 31st, at which time we will return to our apartment in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. 

Now “Our Great and Long Term Plan” is : Stay here in Laughlin at The Edgewater Hotel until next Friday, March the 31st, then return to Lake Havasu City. Return here on April the 25th. On April the 28th, fly from Las Vegas North to Anchorage, Alaska.

At 11:05pm, after a (call it) very long and busy day, my ability for clear cognitive thought is rapidly disappearing. 

Still Smiling. Still Standing.

Cap and Patti

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