TOMORROW, April 1st 2023 we planned to fly from Las Vegas, Nevada, North-To-Alaska.

THAT ALL CHANGED last Saturday the 25th of March ! Just in case you haven’t visited dotnet in “awhile”, click on the below link, and you will see all the details.

The above Post is a long one. To save time, just go to the end and see “The Bottom Line”.

– – – – – – – –

Patti and I sure have enjoyed our five night visit to Laughlin, Nevada.

We’ve enjoyed several GRRRRR8 Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune viewing visits with Tom and Ginny. We’ve munched lots of Ginny’s home baked cookies and coffee cake, along with pretzel rods and chocolate “nibblers” and consumed a lot of their Ginger ale and iced tea. THANK YOU Ginny and Tom. I attended a meeting with Tom.

We two really enjoy the “Edgewater Casino Hotel”.

We have several types of “favorite rooms” that we elect to stay in. They are like “old friends” to us.

We really enjoy all of the “counter space” in our bathroom.

A nice “roomy” closet.

A “King” size bed that is VERY comfortable.

The round table above and below is where I have my laptop set up.

A nice T.V. 

And ??

We both enjoy our visits with “Shamrock”, our favorite “Slot Machine” in the entire world.

We do not “Play Shamrock” to earn money. We play to earn “True Rewards Points” that enable us to get discounts on our rooms and various other “Perks” when we stay here.

– – – – – – – –

The Time Has Come to get our things together.

We absolutely insist on eating a good, nutritious breakfast. Below are three recent breakfasts.

Below is my breakfast this morning.

Now we get to the “fine art” of parking our truck as close as we can manage to the main entrance.

There is one, 12 vehicle, Handicapped Parking Area immediately out in front of The Edgewater.

In the below photo, out front and up close, you can see our GMC Suburban in his most favorite parking place. In the distant left background, you can see the “General Parking Area”.

During the past 3 days of our visit, right up until yesterday (Thursday the 30th at mid-day), a “Painting Crew” was re-painting the Handicapped Parking Area in front of the hotel. Oh Yes ! There are other handicapped parking areas but they are “Out in the Outback”.

As a result, all handicapped visitors have had to park in the distant parking area you see in the upper left of the above photo. For several days the painting crew were occupied with their task.

In the next two photos, snapped yesterday afternoon, you can see that they had finished part of their project.

I had been “on the lookout” for the moment when they would finish painting.

VOILA ! Early yesterday morning, during a light rain, I saw they had finished painting 8 spaces in the front part of the handicapped parking area and had opened it up for people to park here again.

So out and off I dashed to the parking area “Out In The Outback”. I moved our truck into the front area. Our GMC Suburban is in the number 3 position, handy for loading all of our things into our truck for our departure.

It is a great advantage to be parked so close to the main entrance because I have about six trips to make with our baggage. And I love the extra space between the vehicles.

One last look. The rear of our Black GMC Suburban is visible in the distance.

– – – – – – – –

The Time Has Come To Get Out Of Our Room And Hit The Road.

Cap and Patti

Post Script : Back on September the 21st 2022, I did not publish a Post here on dotnet. Beginning on September the 22nd of 2022 (Duces Wild) and continuing up to today, I have not missed one single day. Further, for the past six full calendar months, October to today, the end of March, I have not missed one day.

Prior to this unbroken “String of Daily Posts”, only once, November 2018, have I published a Post every single day of a calendar month.

Where and when and how and why will this “String” end (and end it will, sooner or later)? Does evenThe Shadow Know? I sure don’t.

I am NOT going to intentionally break this “String”. It will happen when it happens for many good reasons. At the head of the list is the importance of having an internet connection. With no internet, there will be no Posts. Quality internet access is not a guarantee by any means.

One “Downside” to the “String” is this : I only have so many hours in any given day. As a result of spending time here on dotnet, to some degree, my three other Google blogspot websites have suffered.

Make no mistake, I am proud that this, and all recent Posts, are not lame duck Posts published to continue the “String.

For now, Over And Out, with thanks and with gratitude to all of you who are interested in and support us.

Cap and Patti


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