Back, as in way back (it seems far longer than a mere seven days) to this past Tuesday, May the 23rd, suddenly, for absolutely no rhyme nor reason, I could not upload photos onto my website, Bobba Caps Doxology on Google’s Blogspot Platform.

I had also tried on May the 23rd to publish photos on my A.A. Google website with no luck. Nor did I have any luck on my Mongolian Google Website.

Now this was after over 11 years and seven months, dating back to October the 26th, 2011, having published 1,040 Google Blogspot Posts and over 14,000 (yes fourteen thousand) photos with 297,660 viewers.

On Wednesday, May the 24th, I spent three hours, five minutes, and thirty one seconds (3hr 5min 31sec) on the phone trying, as in desperately, to contact Google as to why I could not upload photos to Bobba Caps Doxology on their Blogspot Platform.

And I completely, and I totally 100% “Struck Out”!  

After three plus hours on hold, during a five minute conversation with a Google Main Switchboard Operator, I explained who I was and why I was calling etc. I was politely told that no one could assist me because The Google Corporation does not employ any (problem solver) people who will assist callers such as myself. 

What to do? Nothing. I was at the “end of the line” because I’d tried everything that I knew to try searching the internet for Google assistance.

– – – – – – – –

Yesterday, Memorial Day, May the 29th, at 7pm I wrote and I published a Post on my A.A. website and thought, “Just for the heck of it I’ll try to upload a photo here.” 


Voila. I was successful.

Then I dashed onto Bobba Caps Blogspot and wrote and published .. MAY 29, 23 (3/3) .. THE SEWARD HIGHWAY .. TURNAGAIN ARM OF COOK INLET .. ANCHORAGE, ALASKA. To see it please click onto the below link.

What Changed? Nothing that I did! 

I was not alone in my pursuit.

THANK YOU : Gullible, Claudia (Kleiner Bär) and Michael for your opinions and support as to “What To Try”!

Cap and Patti

Monday, May the 29th

I am still dealing with some (call them minor) after effects from my bad fall last Saturday. Today we two walked over to Sitka Street Park “looking for” Gavyn our skateboarder with no sign of him.

We watched the Miami Heat beat the Boston Celtics 103- 84 in game 7 of the NBA Eastern Conference Finals. The Heat advance to the NBA Finals that will begin this upcoming Thursday, June the 1st in Denver, Colorado, where they will play the Denver Nuggets. Patti and I “will be watching”.

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