Tuesday, May 30th 2023

Today was one GRRRRRRR8 Day for Patti. She visited Wende her hairdresser and friend of 50 or more years!

Fun for all. Wende, Patti and myself.

– – – – – – – –

For What It’s Worth .. Friends of Bill .. I published, what has become my monthly post on our program website ..

It is about Amends. You may find it interesting. It is a recent true story of a debate with myself about the below question.

I pondered : If you only had bad thoughts in your mind about a friend, and you never voiced them, should you make an Amend?

The answer : Yes and No. It all depends.

– – – – – – – –

This bad fall last Saturday has certainly affected, and depressed me. I am stunned that, as hard as I have been trying for MANY years now, I again had a terrible fall. Yes Oh Yes, Of Course I am grateful that I did not die. I actually “got off lucky” with some minor aches and pains showing up as the days pass.

This is depression speaking.. 

This afternoon, sitting with Patti in our living room, I quietly asked Patti.. “Let’s assume that I died last Saturday and you are sitting here, alone in our Condo. You are thinking to yourself .. ‘If Cap were only alive we could be doing …. “. Patti replied .. “We could be in the bedroom, me reading my newspaper while you were taking a nap beside me as we so often do.” .. “I would ask you, or you would ask me, I would like you to read to me.”


Into the bedroom we went. And I read several articles out of The Grapevine (a magazine we get). 

And? We quietly visited. We pondered last Saturday. In The Grapevine was a story of a lady and her man. They were making plans for their upcoming wedding. In her arms, he suddenly died !

And? We NEVER ever know do we !

Tomorrow is June the 1st.

Cap and Patti

P.S. From Patti: Make the most of each day.  Today is the only day you can mold the fresh ball of clay given to you each day.  Yesterday’s ball of clay is solid.  Tomorrow’s clay is still liquid.  Mold what is in your hand today, making the most of each day, each ball of clay.

4 thoughts on “MAY 31, 23 .. HERE WE GO .. FOR WHAT IT’S WORTH

  1. Michael

    Patti! Your new doo looks simply marvelous! To get a haircut from your friend and hair-cutter Wendy is a phenomenal journey and gift! 50yrs! Wow!
    Cap! We’re so overjoyed that you are still here breathin’ fresh air and able to convey your human journey with feet still afixed to Mother Earth! I don’t know what is in store for me, what is to come, in the next 5 minutes….it most certainly is the great mystery of life, isn’t it? I love Patti’s analogy of our journey being a ball of clay! And, here we are, still molding.
    In my early sobriety I attended a Sunday mass and sermon in Palmer. The young, very charismatic priest was sharing his lifelong journey of searching for the answer to life. He never achieved that goal. Humbly he was at peace in his heart knowing what were the questions to ask.
    I hope you both enjoy a Truly Blessed and Divinely Happy Day!
    Michael and Little Bit

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Your Priest friend in Palmer it would seem was searching for – The Purpose of Life. A long, long time ago, June of 1998 to be more specific, which is now a quarter of a century, a very unique and special older friend (he founded, he established, the Department of Philosophy, at the University of Alaska Fairbanks and he survived the holocaust in Europe) asked me “Point Blank” .. “Cap what is the purpose of life?” .. With absolutely no hesitation (and I myself have absolutely no idea of where my instant reply originated Michael) .. I replied .. “Rudy, The Purpose Of Life Is To Find And Do God’s Will For You!” .. When, sadly many may not find it, you find it, it is absolutely perfect. God’s Will for us will fit us perfectly. Cap

  2. Michael

    OH, NO! I need to retract my mis-spelling of Patti’s longtime friend, Wende! How could I misspell her name. Hmm, it seems I have a propensity for doing so. Bad Michael….BAD!! The good news is I’m aware of my weaknesses! lol

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      As I just told you by phone Michael, I have the ability to correct comments and I would have, with no action on your part, corrected Wendy to Wende !! At your request, I have left your second comment “as is” and so your second comment is still apropos !! We so appreciate all of your comments Michael. Cap and Patti

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