Let’s begin with some gratitude. Thanks be to the Creator Of It All for yesterday’s stunning, wonderful, beautiful day. Thank You!

Patti and I were literally “in bed” until sometime around 5pm as we continue to deal with the after effects from last Thursday’s Covid Moderna Booster shot. During trips to the bathroom we certainly noticed the day was a beauty.

– – – – – – – – –

Wandering The Streets Of My Mind (yet again)

Back, way back, when I began this website on August the 16th, 2011, my purpose was clear, simple, and straight forward : Share with friends my world travels. 

In fact the title to my very first Post was ..


Immediately, from the get-go, I began sharing about my world travels. 

Obviously, sad to say, with Covid-19 along with being age 87 years, my world travels, have ceased. Each and every time I “mentally consider” going out of the country, and I truly would like to again visit Hong Kong as a first choice, then a side-trip up to Mongolia, I ponder the considerable risks involved and realize that it just is “not in the cards”.

I took a major hit on November 25th 2016 when I fell in the Dubai Airport and broke my left hip. Ladies and Gentlemen, Sports Fans everywhere, if you think getting back to the United States (Dubai to Hong Kong to Seattle to Phoenix) with a broken hip is “no big deal” then perhaps you try it. Now I am that much older, which in and of itself is a factor.

So why am I continuing these websites?

To keep a website active, you need to show some level of  activity. If I let them cease, I will lose tens of thousands of photos and memories that I don’t want to lose.

Now my mission is twofold : Keep our websites active and offer something interesting (other than my former world travels) to you who follow Patti and me.

In yesterday’s Post I wrote..

I have deliberately stopped discussing our day to day activities here on dotnet. Who cares? Not one of us is getting a “free ride” in this life. All of we “Seniors” have medical issues and appointments ad nauseum!

BUT ! 

Sharing the below information could possibly assist someone who might experience the same after effects that Patti and I had as the result of a Moderna Booster shot yesterday, Thursday the 19th of October.


Your vote on yesterday’s OCT 21, 23 Post sure counted Gullible! Thank You So Very Much!

Gullible posted the below comment :

I will certainly consider your reactions and probably decide NOT to get a booster. The first reactions were bad enough, but I guess that means my immune system had a strong response. On another subject, I care what you’re doing day to day so it’s okay with me if you let us know.

To which I replied :

BINGO Gullible! A BIG BINGO! I appear to have been correct by deciding to share our actual experience with our recent Moderna Covid Booster shot. It certainly has alerted you to our experience and to achieve this (helping someone) was the entire point of the Post. So BINGO! Thanks so very much for your support and feedback. Cap and Patti

We know that you know all about what support for a website means. Again thanks!

– – – – – – – –

Update : COVID Moderna Booster shot received on Thursday the 19th of October.

Basically I am definitely noticing a lessening of the challenging pain and discomfort in my left shoulder. On a 0 to 10 my shoulder is feeling like a 7. Still a ways to go but certainly an improvement from yesterday.

Patti had another very difficult night of not being able to sleep well. Patti’s right shoulder on a 0 to 10 might be a 4. Some distance to go.

Bottom Line : We two were in bed until 5pm yesterday afternoon.

Yes I can read minds. Some (all?) of you are thinking..

IF Cap was totally wiped out, he wouldn’t be able to be writing this Post!

– – – – – – – –

As of yesterday evening, Frostbite Frank is in the air flying from LAX to Costa Rice where he will remain in Jacó until early January 2024.

We are looking forward to some photos and updates and humor from Frank.

– – – – – – – –

Cap and Patti

No we have not forgotten it is NFL Football Sunday!

IF, a Big IF, we are up to it, this afternoon we may watch the AFC East leading Miami Dolphins play the NFC East leading Philadelphia Eagles. Both have 5 wins with 1 loss. It could be “quite a game”!

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