BOTTOM LINE .. It sure “Took Some Doing” but Patti and I are safely in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. 

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The above proclamation was very nearly the sum total of this Post. I did not know for sure IF we would have internet service here at our Lake Havasu City Apartment. I called Andrej to see IF he could put up an extremely short Post (the above few lines) BUT, “Wonder Of Wonders”, Patti discovered that Yes Indeed, We Have Great Internet here in our Lake Havasu City Digs.

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Friday November 17, 2023

I was up at 5:30am and never (right up to and including this moment) stopped moving. Tom and Ginny, our friends who live in Laughlin, came over to The Edgewater Hotel to bid us farewell.

Ginny joined our Edgewater True Rewards program. Now four of us (Patti and me, Tom and Ginny) are in the program and this will give Patti and me a lot more flexibility to get a room at the Edgewater under a True Rewards Discount.

While Patti and Ginny and Tom were visiting outside..

Admiring Black Beauty in the Number One Parking Place close to the entrance to The Edgewater..

I quietly “slipped away”.

I was told when I rejoined them that Ginny said, “I wonder where Cap is?”. Tom said “Cap is giving your brand new True Rewards Membership “a little action”.

Very true Tom. I slipped over to visit with Shamrock.

Our one, Our only, favorite Slot Machine here at The Edgewater. Shamrock is a minimum spin $1 Dollar Machine. You can go up to a maximum of $9 per spin.

I put $20 into Shamrock. Shamrock paid back to me $19. A GREAT start for Ginny’s new membership.

– – – – – – – –

And off Patti and I headed across the Colorado River a few miles to Sam’s Club in Bullhead City, Arizona.

Our Sam’s Club bill was : Four Hundred Sixty Dollars and Thirty Two Cents ($460.32). I was stunned!

We filled up our gas tank at Smith’s (a Kroger affiliate) off Arizona Hwy 95 South.

The current price of regular fuel.

My cost with my Smith’s (Kroger) fuel plan.

You “do the math”! $68.48 / 22.909 gallons is 2.989 $ per gallon.

A “savings” of 65 cents a gallon. 22.909 gallons times $0.65 is a total savings of $14.89.

I’m here to shout from the rooftop this Kroger fuel plan is the real deal.

– – – – – – – –

We stopped at the Auto Repair Shop that fixed Black Beauty’s fuel injection, Patti met Ulys the top mechanic, then we drove to Lake Havasu City, a stop at Walmart coming into town, a quick visit with Michael and Little Bit..

Then the 7pm “Couples” Meeting, Subway Tuna and Teriyaki Chicken sandwiches, partial unloading of Black Beauty and here it is .. 11:50pm Friday evening November 17th, 2023 and I am “toast”.

Good Night from the two of us..

Cap and Patti

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    1. Cap Chastain

      Ginny.. Thank you always, in all ways, for your comments and support. A restful day is the ticket. Nice you’ve been here! At our age, it is no longer a matter of getting one night of sleep and presto! We awaken, fully rested and ready to go. Much Joy. Cap and Patti

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