As you all KNOW by now!

Often, no not always, but often (let’s say 15% to 20% of the time) when I sit down to begin a Post, I (honestly) don’t really know where I will be going with it.

Not so today!

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Our friend Gullible left the below comment to our FEB 21, 22 (call it our) “DANNY POST”. 


I’ve heard about your early India jottings and think it would be interesting if you began posting some of them here.

I replied to Gullible..

Cap Chastain
Post author

Gullible. I don’t know how I would publish them. Any thoughts?

How about this Gullible! Go to this link .. babakaps.net/?p=553 .. This will take you to Part 1 of 4 of my writings dating back to AUG 08, 2008. I did NOT have a website then. So I didn’t publish any photographs. My Question: Did you find it of interest?? Please let me know. Cap

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Below, all of you will find a link that will take you back to that long ago AUG 8, 2008 issue of For What It’s Worth.


My “Money Says” that my long ago writings with no photos will not be of “Much Interest” to you!

OK let’s assume maybe one or two of you found the above writing of interest.

Below is Part 2/4 


Just in case any of you are interested in where Ladakh India is, please click onto the below link..


Does anyone want to read Parts 3/4 and 4/4?

IF so, I will be happy to provide links to them. Or you can look under Categories and find either Ladakh India or India 2008 and click onto either category.

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Oh! By The Way! Last Sunday I published a Post on blogspot. If you are interested please click onto the below link..


Hot Air Balloons galore!

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Smiles .. Cap and Patti


  1. Gullible

    Any thoughts how how to publish them, you asked. Yep. Just like you did. Find your old notes, letters, emails and transcribe them here, In shorter chapters.

    On another subject. You buy Amazon gift cards at Kroger’s to increase your fuel points and buy gas cheaper. So the gift cards cost ? what? Ten cents plus $5.95 purchase fee plus 7.6 % sales tax? Then you go online to buy the value and when you spend it, you once again pay 7.6% sales tax, or $7.60 on a $100 card? I’m at a loss to understand how you save money.

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      First Gullible. So far absolutely no one (except Patti who loved reading them) has expressed any interest whatsoever about the two “Posts” about my visit to Ladakh in 2008. Did you enjoy them?? As you well know, they take time and effort to put them together.

      Second. Gullible there are ABSOLUTLY NO (as in ZERO) fees (or Sales Tax) for Amazon Gift Cards from Kroger’s. I pay $25 and I get $25 to spend on Amazon purchases. Plus I get 100 Fuel Points for the purchase of the Amazon Gift Card. Where are you getting your information from Gullible?? Amazon Gift Cards from Kroger’s. NOT Visa or Master Card Gift Cards.. Sign Me “Puzzled” at your above figures. Smiles .. Cap

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      The thing is this eArThworm. How often will you have the time, and the interest, to again fall down another India Rabbit Hole. HOWEVER thanks so very much for being (so far a least) the one, and the only, follower interested enough to actually read the two Posts and say, FWIW, you found them interesting. Thanks so very much. Cap

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