I ended our Post yesterday dated MAR 11, 24, with a short poem by Hafiz / Hafez.

I have been thinking to myself..

“How could Hafiz / Hafez, who wrote this poem somewhere around the year 1370, possibly know that some six hundred and fifty years later, a man, me, half way around the world from Shiraz, Persia, would come upon his writings and publish one of his poems.”

– – – – – – – –


Monday, March the 11th

My neighbor Eddie and I made our Monday trek over to Havasu Landing Casino to “play the slot machines”. 

The Ferry Boat ride alone “makes the day”.

I love this lighthouse!

Everyone seems to have a good time.

“Our” two slot machines at the Havasu Landing Casino are Rocky Balboa and Wonder Woman.

Eddie and I almost always are “first off the ferry boat” and we head straight for “Our” two slot machines. 


When we arrived at “Our” two slot machines, another gentleman was “playing” Rocky Balboa.  I asked him IF he had just come over on the 2pm ferry from Lake Havasu City (KNOWING FULL WELL that he could not possibly have beaten Eddie and I to “Our” slot machines).

He smiled and said .. “No. I have been here for three hours.”

Meet Cory. One really great human being.

Because Eddie comes over to the Havasu Landing Casino each and every single Monday, Wednesday and Friday, he is well known and on a first name basis with the Casino staff. And Eddie has “several other favorite slot machines”. Eddie is “Mister cool”. So Eddie immediately disappeared off to one of his other favorite slot machines.

I sat down at Wonder Woman and Cory and I “struck up a conversation”. Cory gave me a “few slot machine pointers”. 

I have always inserted my players card and left it in all the time I play Wonder Woman and / or Rocky Balboa.

Cory suggested that from time to time, maybe after every 10 games, I remove my players card, hold it a few seconds, and reinsert it. He said the slot machine will “think” another player has arrived and reset itself. I think this is good advice. However IF his slot machine is “on a good run” he stays the course. When his “run” cools he swaps out his players card.

Cory did not leave Rocky Balboa so Eddie did not play Rocky this Monday afternoon. For 45 minutes I watched Cory hit an amazing run with Rocky Balboa. We then left together, Eddie and I, and Cory caught up with us as he was last to board our 3:30pm boat.

I did “about as good as it gets” on a day-in day-out basis.

I played $20 and won $15.16. So My Day cost me $4.84. Not bad for a fun outing.

I play $5 (ten 50 cent spins) and cash out.

Meanwhile, “Back at The Ranch (our apartment)” Patti enjoyed “Quiet time”.

– – – – – – – –

Will some one please Come Up with a “Caption for The Below Photo”!

Too Much Fun.

– – – – – – – –

We hope you had a little bit of fun with us.

Cap and Patti

Did any of you catch some of Gullible’s Senior Moments in her comments to yesterday’s Post?

Driving to the post office WITH THE MAIL BESIDE ME and forgetting to drop it in the slot!

Walking around for 20 minutes looking for my reading glasses only to find them hanging from the front of my tee shirt.

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