NATIONAL NO HOUSEWORK DAY .. Directs us to put down the cleaning solution and toss aside the laundry. For one day each year on April 7th, the housework can wait. Take a break from the sweeping, dusting, and dishes. Dirty windows? They will wait one more day. The vacuum will remain banished to the closet. And mopping? Well, tomorrow it’s a date.

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APRIL 7th, 2013

Kodaikanal, India

IF (Oh The BIG IF) you choose to click onto the below link, it will take you to Part 1 of 3 parts.


At the bottom of Part 1 will be a link to Part 2.

At the bottom of Part 2 will be a link to Part 3.

So you will have a lot to peruse IF you like.

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Cap and Patti

BTW .. Today is the Women’s Championship Game in March Madness. Two Number 1 seeds play each other. Iowa plays undefeated South Carolina.

2 thoughts on “APR 7, 24 .. NATIONAL TODAY.. KODAIKANAL, INDIA on APRIL 7th 2013..

  1. Daniel Boone

    Hi Cap and Patti,
    I started out at the Doxology blogsite and you totally got me with the April 1 post about returning to Alaska. Good one! And the pics of the boats at LHC were fun– in the sun!

    Glad to hear you are supporting your local LHC library via your groceries and membership. Libraries-learning-knowledge are essential to saving the human race from extinction. Dickens wrote in A Christmas Carol, when Scrooge is confronted with the two emaciated children cowering beneath the robe of the Ghost of Christmas Present, the GCP warns Scrooge that the girl is WANT, the boy is IGNORANCE, beware them both, but most of all the boy, for on his brow is written DOOM, unless the writing be erased. Long live our libraries!


    PS: I see you were watching the women’s championship game– and what a game it was! Carolina was clearly the bigger, better team. Size matters in basketball!

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Hi Danny.. What a great comment and a surprise as well. It tickled us that our April’s Fools Day Post “gotcha”! We both giggled. A fun “prank” to successfully “pull off”! Yes LHC is quite a place, and that’s for sure! Patti is the real family supporter of this local library, and others where ever we are. Patti always says to other women who are coming and going with books and young children “in tow” telling them all how great it is that they are teaching their children about loving books and what they bring to their readers. Ah yes Dickens and his Christmas Carol. Such wisdom there. We agree that South Carolina was the well deserving winner of the NCAA Women’s Championship! So nice Caitlin Clark set some all time March Madness scoring records and Caitlin herself “stood tall” in a pressure game and dropped in 30 points looking like the champion she is. Again thanks so very much for your comment Danny. Cap and Patti

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